Friday, January 30, 2009

Olympia, WA: Police Cars Smashed Up After Show

On January 29, at about 11:30 pm, after police broke up a free Hail Seizures/Blackbird RAUM show at the Evergreen State College, two patrol vehicles were damaged while parked in front of the G building at Indian Pipe Loop.

Windows were smashed and tires slashed while officers were responding to a request for assistance.

The college says there was a similar incident two weeks ago, in which tires were slashed on a campus police car.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Millville, NJ: Youths Smash Up 3 Schools in 20 Minutes

Armed with baseball bats, they smashed window after window.

Three shadowy figures caught on surveillance video are the vandals who hit three city schools, miles apart, in a span of just twenty minutes.

The three schools are Rieck Avenue and Silver Run Elementary Schools and Millville Senior High School.

Starting around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, the culprits shattered a total of 25 windows at the elementary schools.

They then moved on to Millville Senior High School where six more windows were taken out.

It all adds up to as much as $30,000 in damage.

Video and article:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tucson, AZ: H.A.N.D Targets I-10 Highway Scumbag

On January 20th, Tucson's chapter of HAND (Hooligans Attack at Night, Duh!) paid a visit to Si Schorr's house. We wanted to give him a special going away party.

January 15th marked the last day of Si's role as Chairman of the Arizona State Transportation Board, but not his last chance to profit from his pet project, the I-10 Bypass, as a real estate lawyer. We etched slogans like "No I-10 Bypass," "Glad You're Gone, Chairman," and "Protect Arizona's Wildlife" on his windows and redecorated his big garage door with a huge "Fuck You, Fuck the I-10 Bypass." Sorry we couldn't contain ourselves on our way out from splattering gigantic blobs of paint on your driveway and sidewalk. Not!

The I-10 Bypass would destroy huge swaths of our beautiful desert home in Southern Arizona. The Bypass is only going to profit real estate developers (and their lawyers), and transnational corporations. I-10, a corridor of the future, is a crucial part of the CANAMEX Corridor, which, if built, will make the Tucson area a part of the new artery for NAFTA traffic in the Western US. This Bypass has seen rowdy opposition as each new alignment is proposed. Four down, one to go.

Dear Si:
We will hold you accountable for all of the harm that you are causing by pushing this plan through. The wild places and animals demand that you get fucked with nonstop until the road is canceled. Maybe you don't understand how we could care so much. Remember that we are watching you!

You're our special scumbag--and this one was just for fun.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sequim, WA: 7 Police Cars Have Tires Slashed

Someone slashed 10 tires on seven police vehicles last weekend.

The vehicles -- patrol cars plus one sport-utility vehicle -- were found with destroyed tires early Saturday morning.

They were parked in the employee lot east of the Sequim Police Department at 609 W. Washington St.

"Somebody is obviously not too happy with us," Campbell said. "The puncture wounds were deep."

The slasher -- who police think entered the parking lot between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. before sunup on Saturday -- did more than $1,500 worth of damage.

Sedalia, MO: Bomb Threat Closes Wal-Mart

A Sedalia Wal-Mart closed and evacuated the store after a bomb scare Friday night.

No bomb was found after the evacuation, and no one was injured.

The threat came as a phone call to the Wal-Mart on Broadway Blvd.

Bolvair, MO: Vandals Ransack School

There was major vandalism reported inside the Half Way R-3 elementary school building Saturday, Jan. 24.,

Those responsible broke-in and destroyed computers, telephones and whatever else they put their hands on.

There was nothing reported stolen.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Los Angeles, CA: Old Man Robs 12 Banks in One Month

In the latest of a series of brazen thefts, a bank robber suspected of holding up at least a dozen banks in the Los Angeles area this month struck again this afternoon.

Nicknamed the salt & pepper bandit because of his graying hair hit a Bank of America at 11501 Santa Monica Blvd. around 12:18 p.m.

The robber is believed to be responsible for at least 12 bank heists between Jan 5. and Jan. 22.

Among the banks targeted were three Citibank branches in the Valley, Willowbrook and Rancho Park and three Washington Mutual banks in Westlake and Seal Beach and on North Fairfax Avenue. Branches of First Bank, First Federal, Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Cal Bank and US Bank in the Los Angeles area were also robbed.

There were three days in which the robber struck twice, sometimes less than an hour apart.

“He’s become aggressive to the point where he’s having fun with it.”

Harding said the robber usually passes the bank teller a note demanding cash. Authorities don't know whether he was armed or how much money he took.

Mukilteo, WA: Bomb Threat Closes School

Classes were canceled at Mariner High School today after employees found written notes outside the school claiming a bomb was inside.

The notes were found shortly before 6 a.m. Deputies did a cursory search of the school to make sure no one was inside and that there weren't any "obvious packages".

A State Patrol bomb-sniffing dog was called and began searching the school for explosives around 7:30 a.m.

According to a recording on the school's answering machine, students who showed up at Mariner this morning were being directed to Voyager Middle School and from there, were being sent home.

Kansas City, MO: Homemade Bomb Found in Motor Cylce Factory

Police were called to the Harley Davodson plant at 114th Street and North Congress Avenue Friday afternoon after a suspicious device was found.

A maintenance worker found a spray bottle with a liquid inside hooked up to a battery. One of the wires from the bottle was disconnected from the battery so the maintenance person poured out the liquid.

Plant management called police.

The Bomb and Arson unit investigated the device

The plant was not evacuated.

The incident happened on the same day Harley-Davidson announced it is laying off 85 workers at the local plant and 1,100 workers nationwide over the next two years.

The company will close plants in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and consolidate others. Harley-Davidson's fourth-quarter income fell nearly 60 percent.

Vado, NM: Arson at Dairy

A hay fire Friday at a Vado, N.M., dairy caused about $400,000 in damage.

The owner of Big Sky Dairy said he believed the blaze was arson.

The fire began around 3:20 a.m. and consumed two large haystacks. It also destroyed two metal canopies under which the hay was stored.

No injuries were reported.

The fire was the second one recently at a dairy owned by Ed DeRuyter.

Matches were found on a trail near the origin of the blaze.

On Aug. 1, 2008, a hay fire was reported at Bright Star Dairy, also owned by DeRuyter. He estimated that $60,000 to $65,000 in hay was lost.

At least two other hay fires were reported last year at two other dairies in the Vado-Mesquite area.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Kansas City, MO: Anarchists Attack Historic Catholic Church

Vandals smashed statues and spray-painted the building of Redemptorist Catholic Church near Broadway Road and Linwood Boulevard.

The face was sheared off the head of the statue of Bernadette at the church, which traces its genocidal roots back to 1876.

Circled A's were spray painted, along with red paint covering statues; which seem to represent blood.


Story about recent Anarchist attacks in Kansas City:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rochester, MN: Bomb Threat to Government Building

Two phone calls threatening unspecified violence brought the workday to a screeching halt at the city-county Government Center in Rochester shortly before 2 p.m. Wednesday.

The building also serves as a court house and jail.

Hundreds of employees and citizens were evacuated from the building. Nothing was found, and the building reopened at about 3:30 p.m.

A male, first phoned Olmsted District Court, and said something to the effect of, "better get out of the building, you could be in danger there, somebody could get hurt."

A second threatening call was placed to the county administrator's office. The employee who answered that call told police the caller said, "'I'm only going to tell you once, get out of the building.'

Myrtle Beach, SC: Realtors Have Locks Glued Shut

A Myrtle Beach business owner arrived at work to find someone had put super glue in the locks of the business and a company vehicle.

The vandalism happened at Rent Your World at 3540 North Gate Blvd. The incident occurred between 5 p.m. Saturday and Monday morning.

Los Angeles, CA: Arsonist Hits the Same Strip Mall Thrice

A fire that was intentionally set damaged a 20-unit strip mall in La Puente Sunday. What's more, the suspected arsonist may have targeted the shopping center before.

The blaze at Durango Plaza in the 15400 block of Amar Road, was reported around 3 a.m. Sunday. The fire was put out in about 30 minutes, and no fire fighters were injured.

Firefighters at the scene found evidence that Duraflame logs were stuffed in the rafters of the building, and that flaming bottles of alcohol (Molotov cocktails) were thrown at the structure to ignite the logs.

"They took flower pots, dipped them in gasoline and then set them on different location," said Los Angeles County Fire Capt. Richard Ballgad.

Three fires have been set at Durango Plaza in the last month. On one occasion, the arsonists left behind booby-traps.

"They had set bottles with gasoline with trip wires between them so that as we walked in we would trip, pull the bottles over and dump the gasoline," Ballgad said.

An estimated $5 million in damage is reported.,0,2290150.story

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anderson County, SC: Saboteurs Target Monster Truck

Someone cut four tires, cut four 20,000-pound airbags and torched the cabin on a Ford F-350, which was elevated to 12.6 feet at its location near Flat Rock Road in Starr.

The vandals closed the doors on the $125,000 truck, which caused the fire to go out before growing large enough to completely destroy the truck.

The vandalism was not discovered until its owner reported it.

“I’ve been showing trucks since I was 15,” said Miller, who said the damage would force cancellation of a February show.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Milwaukee, WI: Anarchists Attack U.S Bank

Nearing bar close Monday morning the 19th of January, as we walked a few wandering drunks asked us if we were ninjas. One of us quickly replied "Yes, We ARE ninjas" and then seconds later the group continued on forward and proceeded to smash both ATMs, smash at least 9 windows (some of them bullet proof), destroy one camera and spraypaint "This is war" on the drive up window facade of a US bank building in Milwaukee. The group then seemingly disappeared.""Our laundry list of solidarity is far too long. We recognize that what we are up against is not a series of mishaps, corrupt and evil corporations, the good gone bad, but a system of control, and to act in solidarity is to work toward the annihilation of this control through acts of willed connectedness (as well as the fracture of what separates us).

This broken bank is but one contribution toward the discourse we are building.

We would like to contribute that we start believing again in the myth that we are a force not to be reckoned with.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Olympia, WA: Torch Lit Anti-Police March "Turns Violent"

Upwards of 45 people gathered across the street from the celebration of the re-opening of the Timberland Library to discuss what to do about the recent murders committed by police and how we can better show solidarity with the rebels in Greece and Oakland.

After deciding what to do with the night, the crowd lit torches, pulled up face masks, picked up signs & took to the streets.

At first, the march was silent and angry; then after walking around downtown some buskers joined in and played banjo, singing anti-police and Woody Guthrie songs. Several people pulled out road flares, held them up and then threw them onto the street. Some held signs that said "Fight Back", "Fire All Cops" & "Liar, Liar, Cops on Fire". Some screamed "Fuck the Police!", "Beneath the Concrete Lies the World of Our Dreams" and "Destroy Misery"; there was little chanting.

After doing a loop around downtown, picking up others along the way, the march made towards the police station on the Westside of Olympia.

Approaching the station, and noticing they were being tailed by police cruisers, a few people ran into a parking lot and pulled a dumpster into the road and flipped it over, completely blocking the police from advancing toward the march.

Those in the crowd looked around, reassured each other and then surged toward the police station, pelting it with stones and torches before dispersing into the surrounding neighborhood.

During the dispersal at least one cop car had its window busted out. Some people reported to have heard fireworks.

3 people were arrested, 10 detained. One of the arrested was stopped with a loaded handgun pointing at his face. The 3 were later released on bail and had received misdemeanor charges. As for the people who ditched their bikes to get away, the police took them for "evidence" and they will most likely not be returned.

With tensions mounting over the role of the police in maintaining the social pyramid we found it apt to step it up a notch and target the police themselves. This type of action can be carried out with little preparation and very few people. It is reproducible and a great way to bring the resistance home.

Stop spectating and join in.

This is global Social War!

links to pic's:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mason, Ohio: School Bus Sabotage Closes School

Mason schools were closed on Friday, but the frigid cold was not precisely to blame.

Someone unplugged engine block heaters needed to get the buses started on extremely cold mornings, rendering 59 of 129 buses inoperable. Temperatures were below zero at the time.

The unplugged buses were discovered at about 5:45 a.m., and classes were canceled about 20 minutes later.

Friday, January 16, 2009

St. Albans, VT: City Hall Vanalized

St. Albans City Hall was broken into and vandalized sometime overnight Wednesday.

Damage on the first floor has been cleaned up and employees were back at work Thursday afternoon. There is extensive damage to offices and desks throughout the building and cleanup will not be finished until Friday.

The vandals got in through a first-floor window. The building does not have an alarm system.

No one is sure if anything of value was stolen. And if the motive was theft or just vandalism.

York, VA: Vandals Attack School

Vandals spray-painted several locations on and around Tabb Middle School on Saturday. The school is located in the 300 block of Yorktown Road.

Blue paint was sprayed on the front door, an intercom station, an outside wall, a security camera and a sign in the parking lot.,0,2707525.story

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oakland, CA: Riots Over Oscar Grant's Murder

A crowd of roughly 50 people gathered in the area of 14th and Broadway about 8pm.

Riot cops pushed the crowd toward 12th Street. Someone broke the glass in a bus stop and about six Wells Fargo windows at 12th and Broadway, then the cops fired tear gas into the crowd.

That group split up into several. The largest splinter headed north on 12th and through City Center shopping area breaking windows of corporate businesses and several cars.

That group of about 20-30 then started to head up MLK.

St. Louis, MO: Woman Accused of Setting Fire to Bosses Campervan

A woman upset at being fired from her job is accused of tossing a homemade explosive device under the camper of her former boss.

Sandra Gravot, 50, of Belleville, was charged Monday in St. Louis County Circuit Court with unlawful possession of an explosive weapon. Gravot allegedly put a lit bottle containing gasoline under the camper in the carport of a home in the 9500 block of Lindsley Court in south St. Louis County.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Olympia, WA: Businesses Have Their Locks Super Glued Shut

(this is extremely reproducible)

As I was walking on the Westside last night, I decided to glue some locks and maybe a few ATMs. It was totally spur of the moment and a whole lot of fun. It feels great to act out against this bleak corporate landscape.

Key Bank was the first target and received a healthy squirt of glue in the card slots of their drive-thru ATMs. I’m not exactly sure what specific kind of misery they cause, but I see them everywhere and that means they’re up to no good. Besides they’re a bank, a symbol of capitalism and should therefore be attacked.

The next business was Pizza Hut. They are responsible for the murder of millions of animals in factory farms, the systematic rape of dairy cows, the destruction of ecosystems, the exploitation of workers, the constant bombardment of advertisements, and contributing to this disgusting monoculture that we are forced to inhabit. So it was my pleasure to glue their locks.

Then it was on to Firestone. Cars are a major cause of global climate change, pollution, exploitation and death. Cars lead to roads which lead to fragmentation of land which causes destruction of wild habitats. Personally I hate breathing their fucking poison every time I walk down the street. Their locks were also glued shut.

Finally I went to Subway Sandwiches. I am so tired of seeing them everywhere I go, I had to get those fuckers and I had enough left for both of their locks. The Subway Corporation is responsible for the misery of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses, the exploitation of workers, the destruction of wild spaces and just add to the nausea that is daily life.

This act is small, I know, but may it add to the overall struggle against corporate dominance and the commodification of daily life.

~ An Anarchist

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oakland, CA: Anarchists Smash ATMs

Last night we smashed 2 ATMs at 20th and Broadway in solidarity with the rebels who lit up Oakland on Wednesday night, and as a reminder to everyone else that this is about class, not just race or a specific instance of police violence.

We are all involved in a class conflict which politics cannot contain. Police violence doesn't happen in a vacuum; it happens because there is a capitalist economy based on property and the circulation of commodities, which the police defend and enforce on behalf of the rich. For the rest of us - the exploited and excluded classes - riots and sabotage will be the weapons we use.

The one upside to the world being colonized by the state/capital system is that there are targets everywhere, so conspire with your friends! We are free only when we revolt; we won't be truly free until we totally destroy the current system. Pull back the iron curtain of law and order, and nurture the capacities of rebellious community... Breaking things at night is somewhere to start.

A word on ATM attacks: we highly recommend these based on the relatively high monetary damage it causes to financial institutions for how incredibly easy they are to carry out. Just make sure to use a hammer with a heavier head than your typical nail-driving hammer and hopefully you can get done more than we did!

Social war is 24-7-365!
Solidarity means attack!

with love in our hearts and fire in our eyes,

Olympia, WA: Catholic Church Attacked

Fight Back

Late last night I paid a visit to the Catholic Church. I super-glued every single one of their locks and smashed up a few windows. I’m sure everyone who’s ever committed an act of sabotage knows how amazing that feeling is. If you don’t, you should really just try it for yourself.

I am just fed up with the atrocities committed by the Church and it’s time to make them suffer for all the misery they have imposed on the world: The witch killings, the genocide of the indigenous, the negation of the body, slavery, the wars of conquest, the destruction of the wild, their complicity in the Nazi holocaust, and everything else they’ve ever done. I’m sick of it and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Now they’ve called for a peace after Oscar Grant’s murder in Oakland, saying he was in a better place now (away from his girlfriend and child) and then had the nerve to denounce the following riots. The Church are murderers, they killed every single culture whose path they’ve crossed and now they’re calling for peace? Fuck that, I want war.

Christianity needs to be burnt at the stake.

All this action took was stolen super-glue, a bicycle, a face mask, some gloves and a hammer. I approached the building at night through the side entrance, left my bike near the road by some trees and then put a tooth pick into a lock and then squirted in the glue (so as to help the glue stick better) and repeated this five more times. Then I got out the hammer and smashed a few windows, ran to my bike and rode back home. On the ride home I threw away the super-glue containers in a dumpster.

This action is in solidarity to the rioters in Oakland and Greece, Bash Back!, native warriors Still resisting the church and the 2010 Olympic Games and whoever burned down Sarah Palin’s church.

Smash Things Up in the Night!

~A Renegade Angel

San Francisco, CA: Anti-Police March Gets Exciting

Tonight, we took the struggle against police violence to the heart of capital, rampaging along the major corridors of a bustling financial district. When there is discord in the hood, there will be no calm in the metropolis.

At the demonstration's commencement, a panic ensued amongst downtown businesses. Store owners asked patrons to leave, pulled down riot gates to insulate commodities from the surging crowd, and locked their doors. Its obvious the news of Oakland's events is still fresh on everyone's mind.

There were police as far as the eye could see, the seemingly endless contingent of officers walking alongside the small march spanned nearly its entire length. Police motorcycles sped through traffic, and their vehicles were so abundant that they slowed rush hour Market Street traffic to a halt. The march was almost entirely surrounded, and nearly outnumbered. There is no doubt that the SFPD was prepared for a riot.

This preparation proved worthless when a group of participants decided to run full speed along the side streets of downtown, pulling trashcans and newspaper boxes into oncoming traffic, destroying prominent advertisements, spraypainting corporate facades, and lighting fires.

No arrests happened.

Perhaps it was more slapstick comedy than militant insurrection; masked youths running over luxury cars much to the dismay of their confused drivers and yuppies desperately diving out of the way of the oncoming mob. But make no mistake, we are dedicated to the struggle against state repression.

There was no organization behind tonight's demonstration, no front groups, no self-appointed leaders, no spokesperson, no tired ass community activists, and definitely no march organizer in tears over destroyed property (seriously, fuck that dude). There was a call posted online and a few dozen fliers handed out on the street one sunny afternoon. Anyone can organize this type of event.

The confused and uncomfortable looks of downtown businessmen were priceless: tonight the conflict came to their doorstep. They'd be wise to consider this a warning.

See you on Wednesday.

- That dude running over the BMW

Franklin County, MO: Fire & Vandalism Damage Livestock Auction Site

Around 3:30 a.m. firefighters responded to a call at the St. Clair Livestock Center off of Highway 47 about 45 miles southwest of St. Louis.

Witnesses say that the structure was engulfed in flames.

It took firefighters nearly an hour to put out the blaze that did extensive damage to the rear of the building. Reportedly 40 animal pens were damaged.

Six horse trailers in the auction site's parking lot were also damaged, but the fire is not to blame. The windows on the trailers were broken out, apparently and act of vandalism.

There were no injuries reported and no animals were harmed.

The Livestock Center holds regular auctions on-site every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Tonight's auction has been canceled.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Berkeley, CA: Bank Attack in Solidarity with Oakland Riots

Solidarity attack with Oakland riots.

Last week, after Oakland was rioting and the pigs were combing the streets looking for anyone to harass and arrest, we struck at the Bank of the West on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley.

The pigs were no where in sight as our bricks crashed through the glass windows guarding the bank.

We attacked this symbol of capital in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Oakland who rioted after the murder of Oscar Grant. Our struggles must be our own. We might fight not only the police but also those who would turn our power that we have created on the streets into their political machines. Solidarity means attack.

-annonomyous autonomists

Los Angeles, CA: Letter Bombs Mailed to Vivisectors

The California National Primate Research Center, associated with UC Davis, currently imprisons and experiments on over 4,700 non-human primates. This alone is enough to force us into action. These animals are subjects of pure torture. They are forced to inhale deadly toxins; subject to studies of chronic stress. They are subject to painful reproductive experiments, and have their babies stolen from them as they cry in agony.

We are the Revolutionary Cells Animal Liberation Brigade and we could not stand by and let the atrocities continue.
We chose two primate vivisectors and mailed them letter-bombs.

These individuals are Edward Schelegle at 3220 Oyster Bay Ave in Davis.
Schelegle tortures intelligent primates in painful respiratory experiments that bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars for him and the university.

The other device was mailed to Catherine Vandevoort at 44601 El Macero DR in Davis. Vandevoort conducts torturous reproductive experiments on female primates.

This is not a hoax. Look at what we did to Chiron. Look at what we've done to Arthur Rosenbaum's BMW in LA.

This is the beginning of our campaign against UC Davis and the CNPRC and we will not end until the torture and killing of primates ends.

Dallas, Marta, Alice, and the rest of the crew; how are you sleeping at night?


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Los Angeles, CA: Overseer of the Animal Services Parents House Attacked

On Dec. 30th we decorated Jimmy Blackmans parents front porch at 7851 Kenyon Avenue in LA with red paint and glued their locks. This action was done to bring attention to the blood being spilled because of their son Jimmy.

Obviously Samuel and Jing Ying haven't taught their son anything about accountability and consequences; so we thought we would.

As long as Mr Boks is head of the shelters, its not safe to be an animal at the shelters and its not safe to be Jimmy or his family members.


Los Angeles, CA: Vivisector Sent Poisoned Razor Blades

A New Years greeting was sent to Mrs. Edythe London at 10526 Edgeley Place in Los Angeles California. Inside a greeting card were blood and rat poisoned covered razor blades. Edythe, as long as you continue to terroize and murder monkeys for a living, you and your entire family are in harms way. This is just the beginning.

Justice Department

Friday, January 9, 2009

Berkeley, CA: BART Station Attacked

In memory of Oscar Grant and all who are murdered at the cold hands of the police.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, all the windows of the North Berkeley BART station were smashed in and the name of Oscar Grant was scrawled across the walls. This action was taken out in response to the murder of Oscar Grant by BART police and in solidarity with the riots that have been taking place in Oakland. Our hope is that this action will inspire others to rise up against this atrocious police state in which we live.

This action was very easy to carry out and took no more than a few minutes to get done. We approached the BART station fully masked and carried stones, bricks, and spray paint in our gloved hands. We painted first as to not make much noise, and did so in block letters to not reveal any personal handwriting. We spent no more than 20 seconds smashing in the glass windows and then vanished into the night.

In action you see not only our obvious rage, but our chance to begin life and liberation. This is not just revenge for the death of Oscar Grant, but for all of us who suffer at the brutal hands of the cops everyday. This is revenge for every morning we are forced to wake up to this oppressive system.

Solidarity means attack. Don't get caught.

From the East Bay to Greece - WE ARE EVERYWHERE!

New York City, NY: Conecert Goers Set Fires in the Streets After Benefit Show

A Friday night concert organized to raise funds for anarchist eco-prisoners and the Earth First! Journal was broken up by police after about five hours and a number of noise complaints.

Concert goers left the venue on Walker Street and proceeded to construct a makeshift barricade near the intersection of Walker and Broadway out of disregarded Christmas trees and garbage and then lit it on fire.

Firefighters soon extinguished the blaze and the crowd dissipated before police could make any arrests.

One organizer who was not involved in the disturbance was briefly detained back at the venue but does not expect to be charged with anything.

Oakland, CA: Train Station & Police Car Locks Glued Shut

Solidarity action for Oscar Grant and the Greek rioters.

Today, a BART police car received damage via superglued locks. Two BART ticket machines were also superglued.

For Oscar Grant.

Towards social war and for general sabotage.

For earth, animal, and human liberation,
Some Autonomous Individuals