Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spartanburg, SC: Santa Visits CEO of Duke Energy, and BOA Board Member

On December 24, Christmas Eve, Santa and his reindeer, angry at the melting of their arctic habitat due to global warming, paid a visit to the notorious climate criminal, William Barnett III. Aside from being the mayor of Spartanburg, SC, Barnett also sits on the board of both Duke Energy and Bank of America.

Santa, ever the one to keep up on his list of whose naughty and nice, has long had Barnett on his naughty list for funding coal companies through BoA and building dirty coal plants (not to mention nuke, gas, and mega dams too) such as Duke’s 800 megawatt Cliffside plant just over the border in North Carolina. In response to this recalcitrant behavior Santa and his reindeer delivered a stocking filled with coal to Barnett’s posh suburban home, placed a large banner in his yard reading, “Stop Cliffside. Bank of America, stop funding coal!”, and coated his luxury SUV with red paint to help him start reducing his emissions immediately.

Despite Bank of America’s recent claims to have stopped funding companies involved in mountaintop removal coal mining, Santa saw through their vague, carefully crafted statement for the PR ruse that it is. Bank of America needs to cut funding for ALL coal projects. Until then BoA will remain on Santa’s naughty list. As for Duke Energy, if they want any presents next year, they will need to cancel the tipping point time bomb known as Cliffside and begin to dismantle all of their filthy coal plants.

Before leaving Barnett’s residence Dancer and Prancer left a few “dukes” of their own in Barnett’s flower beds.

From Barnett's it was on to Jim Rogers' house. Rogers, the CEO of Duke Energy, has also been up at the top of Santa's naughty list. Since a recent court ruling against the construction at Cliffside does not actually force the company to stop building Santa thought a more personal message was in order. Another coal filled stocking was left with Rogers, and a banner reading "Stop Cliffside. No New Coal!"

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