Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa Cruz, CA: Vandals Attack UCSC

Vandals struck UC Santa Cruz overnight, damaging up to 20 university vehicles, breaking windows at two sites, spraying graffiti in residence halls and a parking garage, and laying down road spike strips.

The vandalism occurred shortly after midnight Wednesday. No injuries were reported. The campus began its winter break on Saturday, so few students are present but faculty and staff are still working in advance of the holiday closure.

A UCSC spokesman said there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

UCSC said the vandalism includes:

* Broken windows at Kresge College's Owl's Nest Cafe.

* Tires slashed and windows damaged on up to 20 vehicles, including Physical Plant trucks and an electric car at Kresge.

* Damage to construction equipment at Porter College.

*Graffiti messages expressed opposition to the prison system, law enforcement and campus growth.

* Broken windows at University House.

* Graffiti in Porter College residence halls and the Core West Parking Structure.

* Road spikes designed to puncture tires were found on Meyer Drive, a road that leads to the chancellor's on-campus residence and offices.

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