Thursday, December 25, 2008

Olympia, WA: Attack on Condo Developers

The vote is in, the city council has ignored our needs and desires once again and approved a proposal to rezone the isthmus to make way for condos and yuppies--our burning indignation sent us on a rampage last night. We found ourselves at the following points in the web of evil

Triway Enterprises is one of many that must be held accountable for impending condo developments downtown. We do. Several windows lay in pieces on the ground, and explosions of paint gave this sterile institution of exploitation a new aesthetic…Two messages were left there, clear as crystal.


Olympia Master Builder’s slew of mindless developers arrived this morning to find their locks glued and their walls covered in paint. We left “THE TALLER YOU BUILD… THE HARDER WE STRIKE,”

Janet Blanding is contracted through Olympia Master Builders by Triway Enterprises to ensure the developer’s dystopian fantasy is actualized. Before the night was over we paid a visit to the site of the new City Hall and scrawled “GENTRIFICATION IS TERRORISM” on what was the old Safeway.

Triway and Olympia Master Builders HQ are both despicable companies who wish to pave over a place that so many of us hold dear to our hearts. It is not enough to oppose a wall of white-collar dwellings for the sake of our views of Mt. Rainier and the Budd Inlet. Gentrification will mean the same thing for Olympia as it has for Seattle and Tacoma: property values go up, people are pushed out of their homes, the houseless will be subject to further harassment and marginalization from more frequent police patrols and increased surveillance.

Say hello to the reign of yuppie condo residents commuting to their computer programming jobs in Seattle and soulless legislators who will surely jump on the project (that our kind city council has set in motion) of turning the last haven on the puget sound into another cold corporate nightmare for all making under 100,000 a year…


FIGHT BACK BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. It’s obvious by now that the legal process isn’t working. The local government is the same as the state and federal government: Politicians serve profit and profit alone, they will sell themselves to accumulate more, at the cost of everyone they “represent”. They don’t give a fuck about us.

You won’t be alone in your adventures—in this global economic climate, social warfare is imminent. Let’s take care of each other as we fight for our lives, our loved ones, and this place that has already endured years of the devastating effects of colonialism. Stop the machine before it chokes the life and color out of Olympia with concrete and luxury SUVs.

To Triway, Olympia Master Builders, members of the city council, yuppie imports and all other bastards: This is what accountability looks like…keep that in mind…

To all those who are restless, reckless--remember, “THE PHANTOM OF LIBERTY ALWAYS COMES WITH A KNIFE BETWEEN THE TEETH.”

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