Thursday, December 4, 2008

Olympia, WA: ATM Card Slots Glued Shut

A roommate who attends Evergreen State College noticed that the card slot for the Bank of America ATM was glued shut when she went in to the CAB building.

We couldn't find any other reports online but decided to report on it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Could an over-emphasis on Olympia based on your proximity to all that is happening solidify it as a new Eugene and thus creating a strict geography/territoriality rather than a generalizing force?

Not to suggest that all that happens in Olympia isn't inspiring to us all, but as much happens in many other places that this site may find it hard to hear about.

Regardless, keep up the good work compiling this stuff.

a social storm is approaching us said...

If you ever hear of anything happening in your or any other towns, please send us a story and we'll put it on this site.

We don't think there should be a next "Eugene". We seek the generalization of attack.

~Social Rupture

Anonymous said...

Add this to your links:

Anonymous said...

you should also put Modesto Anarcho as a link