Thursday, December 4, 2008

Internet: Hackers Subvert Tweeter's Website

Hackers have apparently broken into Tweeter's website and posted a picture of President George W. Bush on the homepage with a message about the bankrupt chain's owner and restructuring officer: "Don't trust either of them!!!"

By late morning it appeared that the website was no longer operational, perhaps overwhelmed by a throng of traffic.


Cordage said...

Thanks for posting the websites. We appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

..shame they got arrested though

Here's another story you might like to put up:

And another, from the Berkeley Daily Planet police blotter (

Glued locks

Four Telegraph Avenue businesses reported their locks had been filled with glue on Nov. 28, mirroring a string of incidents on San Pablo Avenue last month.

Bows and Arrows, Upper Playgroup, Sharks, Sway, and Buffalo Exchange were the latest victims. On Nov. 8, Subway Sandwiches on University and San Pablo avenues and Sea Salt Restaurant on San Pablo Avenue reported similar incidents of vandalism.

Surveillance footage from one of the businesses caught two suspects in the act. Police described the individuals as a young woman in her 20s with long blonde hair of medium build, wearing a gray or blue zip-up hooded sweatshirt, and a young man in his 20s with long hair or dreadlocks, a gray hooded sweartshirt, and dark pants.