Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gloucester, MA: Saboteurs Cause $10,000 Worth of Damage

Vandals struck the big excavation vehicles, the office-trailer and even the portable toilet on the construction site of the Gloucester Crossing Shopping Center, causing more than $10,000 in estimated damage this past weekend.

The destruction — broken windows on the heavy machinery, the office trailer displaced from its blocks and the closet-toilet hurled into a gully along Route 128 — was the handiwork of youths working in small gangs.

Rock crushing, earth moving and foundation construction for a DeMoulas Market Basket supermarket were progressing on the site, which appeared other-worldly except for isolated oases of trees and green meant to be drainage basins.

vandals lowered the mechanical jacks and then pushed the trailer off its blocks. The portable closet-toilet was lifted and hurled over the chain link fence. It lay in pieces at the bottom of the steep incline.

Critics of the project have accused a contractor for the developer of doing illegal damage to the site — "clear cutting" a presumed vernal pond.


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