Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bloomington, IN: Tires Flattened at Correction Facility

In the late hours of Thursday Dec. 11th, the Bloomington Flat Tire Brigade targeted a number of vehicles belonging to Monroe County Community Corrections. In all, 8 tires were left flaccid, incapacitating most of the fleet of corrections vehicles. Community Corrections in Monroe County is responsible for, among many other things, extracting upwards of $200,000 worth of slave labor out of over-policed and over-incarcerated communities of Monroe County each year.

This action was taken on the night that the jail building consulting firm PMSI of Noblesville, IN presented its master plan to the County and the public for an expanded "justice campus". The plan includes a new jail with at least double the capacity of the current one, a youth detention facility, and a community corrections facility all to be housed on the same site (incidentally, the site chosen is the former location of a RCA plant, which long ago left Bloomington for warmer climes (read NAFTA)).

We hope that this action: a) ushered in a fun filled weekend of changing tires for the fascists at Community Corrections and b) sent a message to the county that their plans for expansion and imprisonment won't be tolerated.

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