Monday, December 29, 2008

Baltimore, MD: Letter Bombs Sent to Vivisectors

To celebrate the holidays, we sent a special package to the home of Johns Hopkins University non-human primate vivisector Elise Weerts at 616 S. Ann ST in Baltimore. Weerts addicts primates to GHB and other drugs of abuse in her sadistic and fraudulent research. Sadistic because she watches the animals suffer in complete agony and is committed to inflicting more pain and misery to make a name for herself; and for her paycheck. Fradulent because nothing can be learned of human addiction from creating addiction in non-human primates or other animals; who do not engage in addictive behavior in their natural environments.

We also sent one of our special letter-bombs to the home of JHU primate vivisector Steven Hsiao. This could arrive either at his office on campus or at his home located at 2415 Ken Oak Rd in Baltimore. Hsiao's brain-mapping experiments on non-human primates are pure torture for these innocent beings.

Johns Hopkins University was chosen because they imprison dozens of non-human primates and torture them to death year after year. In addition, they are one of the top violators of the Animal Welfare Act. Peaceful protest and attempts at mediation have failed.

These two vivisectors were chosen at random. All responsible for the torture and oppression of innocent beings will soon receive the same treatment.

Every action has an impact. Every life saved is a victory.

For an end to systematic violence and oppression. For total animal liberation,


Anonymous said...

First off, if you have actually sent bombs to human beings in protest of the suffering they inflict on other sentient beings, you are either insane, a litte too wrapped up in your own mythos (I have little doubt that that is true) or have never taken the time to read "Civil Disobedience"; I would think that Thourough would be requisite reading for you folks.

Secondly, please, PLEASE educate yourselves on these issues. Learn why addicting a being to GHB is different from say, cocaine. Learn
why addiction pathways in animals tell us a great deal about humans regardless of what their behavior is in a "natural environment" (many animals will pursue intoxicants in the wild including elephants). Learn why brain mapping is not painful to animals and is used on conscious human beings before neurosurgery.

When you say things that show you obviously do not understand what you are attacking, you make it much less likely that your goals will ever be achieved. For that matter, if you think violence will ever win you anything, you are fooling yourself. If you want to stop animal testing, go get your PhD and design a way around the use of animals...or is getting a degree to hard for you? Or maybe, it's that setting bombs is easy and romantic and it makes you feel cool while a college classroom is boring and hard work?

Feralthought said...

Wow, are you a cop or one of the many "activist" types parading around b-more while they earn their phd's from the giant of baltimore gentrification. Who gave you the fucking right to decide the "acceptable" pain level for primates? addictive and intoxicant are different. You are a fucking moron. THOREAU was writing over 100 years ago. In the face of the much more drastic situation all tactics must be put on the table. The struggle against domestication and for total liberation for all life does not care about your justified science. "Johns Hopkins University was chosen because they imprison dozens of non-human primates and torture them to death year after year." Burn it to the fucking ground.

Jerry Vlasak, MD said...

Hard to take "anonymous" seriously when he/she can't spell Thoreau's name correctly. No wonder they didn't leave a name.