Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dauphin County, PA: Prisoners Barricade Themselves in to Avoid Lock Down

Nine inmates at Dauphin County Prison barricaded themselves in their cell block, used a metal box and battery-filled socks as weapons and trashed their own cells Monday night.

After the inmates refused to go back to their cells at 8:55 p.m., one redirected a camera so it was pointed toward the ceiling, then the inmates began stacking bunks and tying sheets together to keep officers out.

One officer broke his hand in the scuffle.


Gloucester, MA: Saboteurs Cause $10,000 Worth of Damage

Vandals struck the big excavation vehicles, the office-trailer and even the portable toilet on the construction site of the Gloucester Crossing Shopping Center, causing more than $10,000 in estimated damage this past weekend.

The destruction — broken windows on the heavy machinery, the office trailer displaced from its blocks and the closet-toilet hurled into a gully along Route 128 — was the handiwork of youths working in small gangs.

Rock crushing, earth moving and foundation construction for a DeMoulas Market Basket supermarket were progressing on the site, which appeared other-worldly except for isolated oases of trees and green meant to be drainage basins.

vandals lowered the mechanical jacks and then pushed the trailer off its blocks. The portable closet-toilet was lifted and hurled over the chain link fence. It lay in pieces at the bottom of the steep incline.

Critics of the project have accused a contractor for the developer of doing illegal damage to the site — "clear cutting" a presumed vernal pond.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Baltimore, MD: Letter Bombs Sent to Vivisectors

To celebrate the holidays, we sent a special package to the home of Johns Hopkins University non-human primate vivisector Elise Weerts at 616 S. Ann ST in Baltimore. Weerts addicts primates to GHB and other drugs of abuse in her sadistic and fraudulent research. Sadistic because she watches the animals suffer in complete agony and is committed to inflicting more pain and misery to make a name for herself; and for her paycheck. Fradulent because nothing can be learned of human addiction from creating addiction in non-human primates or other animals; who do not engage in addictive behavior in their natural environments.

We also sent one of our special letter-bombs to the home of JHU primate vivisector Steven Hsiao. This could arrive either at his office on campus or at his home located at 2415 Ken Oak Rd in Baltimore. Hsiao's brain-mapping experiments on non-human primates are pure torture for these innocent beings.

Johns Hopkins University was chosen because they imprison dozens of non-human primates and torture them to death year after year. In addition, they are one of the top violators of the Animal Welfare Act. Peaceful protest and attempts at mediation have failed.

These two vivisectors were chosen at random. All responsible for the torture and oppression of innocent beings will soon receive the same treatment.

Every action has an impact. Every life saved is a victory.

For an end to systematic violence and oppression. For total animal liberation,


Pecos, TX: Riots Erupts in I.C.E Detention Center

On Dec. 12, some 1,300 federal prisoners staged an uprising at the privately run Reeves County Detention Center in Pecos, Texas, to demand better medical treatment after a detainee died at the facility, allegedly of natural causes. The Reeves County Detention Center has been run since 2003 by the GEO Group, based in Boca Raton, Florida, under contract with the federal government. The medium security prison holds more than 2,400 people, mainly inmates detained for immigration
law violations.

The uprising took place after the detainee's body was removed from the prison, Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper John Barton told the Pecos Enterprise. The prisoners set a fire in an exercise room at the facility and were evacuated to an outdoor yard, where they took two prison recreation workers hostage. The newspaper reported that firefighters had to extinguish bonfires inmates had set
to keep warm overnight.

About 30 agents from the Border Patrol's Marfa Sector were deployed to the detention center in response to the incident. The border agents
arrived with an assortment of less-than-lethal weapons, an armored vehicle and support from a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Air &
Marine Huey helicopter. CBP used the helicopter to allow a prison official to conduct aerial surveillance of the compound. The border agents surrounded the facility and guarded the perimeter but apparently did not enter it. After about 17 hours, negotiators from the police department of Odessa, Texas managed to end the uprising and secure the release of the two hostages on the morning of Dec. 13.

Barton, the DPS trooper, said there were minor injuries during the standoff; he declined to say who or how many people were hurt. Patricia Dieschler, a DPS dispatcher in Pecos, said there were no injuries to responding law enforcement officers.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Durham, NC: Decoy Cop Car Attacked

The state Highway Patrol is investigating the vandalism of a patrol car parked along Interstate 85 to slow down holiday travelers. All the car's windows were broken, the sides were damaged as if someone had hit them with a baseball bat and the seats were slashed.

The vandalism was so bad, it looked like the cruiser had rolled over in a wreck and may have occurred Friday night or early Saturday morning.

The Ford Crown Victoria had been sitting near the Glenn School Road exit along I-85 since Tuesday.


Spartanburg, SC: Santa Visits CEO of Duke Energy, and BOA Board Member

On December 24, Christmas Eve, Santa and his reindeer, angry at the melting of their arctic habitat due to global warming, paid a visit to the notorious climate criminal, William Barnett III. Aside from being the mayor of Spartanburg, SC, Barnett also sits on the board of both Duke Energy and Bank of America.

Santa, ever the one to keep up on his list of whose naughty and nice, has long had Barnett on his naughty list for funding coal companies through BoA and building dirty coal plants (not to mention nuke, gas, and mega dams too) such as Duke’s 800 megawatt Cliffside plant just over the border in North Carolina. In response to this recalcitrant behavior Santa and his reindeer delivered a stocking filled with coal to Barnett’s posh suburban home, placed a large banner in his yard reading, “Stop Cliffside. Bank of America, stop funding coal!”, and coated his luxury SUV with red paint to help him start reducing his emissions immediately.

Despite Bank of America’s recent claims to have stopped funding companies involved in mountaintop removal coal mining, Santa saw through their vague, carefully crafted statement for the PR ruse that it is. Bank of America needs to cut funding for ALL coal projects. Until then BoA will remain on Santa’s naughty list. As for Duke Energy, if they want any presents next year, they will need to cancel the tipping point time bomb known as Cliffside and begin to dismantle all of their filthy coal plants.

Before leaving Barnett’s residence Dancer and Prancer left a few “dukes” of their own in Barnett’s flower beds.

From Barnett's it was on to Jim Rogers' house. Rogers, the CEO of Duke Energy, has also been up at the top of Santa's naughty list. Since a recent court ruling against the construction at Cliffside does not actually force the company to stop building Santa thought a more personal message was in order. Another coal filled stocking was left with Rogers, and a banner reading "Stop Cliffside. No New Coal!"


Los Angeles, CA: Tires of UCLA Van Slashed

On behalf of all the animals being imprisoned in and around the campus of ucla, we took some action this Wednesday night. Sitting all alone and parked in a structure, was a ucla van. so we decided to inflict some pain ourselves. A little blood (paint) and some knife wounds ( flat tires ) should do the deed.

ENOUGH is enough UCLA - stop the torture, stop the PAIN. We will not rest until your vivisectors do.



Berkeley, CA: Computer Viruses Sent to Vivisectors

UC Berkeley vivisector Ralph Freeman and all of the current lab members in Freeman's Visual Neuroscience Lab (http://neurovision.berkeley.edu) were sent a trojan horse virus embedded into email. This virus is designed to completely wreck their computers while leeching all vital personal information they've ever entered into their systems.

It is time to buy new computers, and after that, save yourself the hassle that will follow and get the fuck out of this cat killing lab. The lab where kittens as young as six weeks live in daily fear and trauma from the violence that you are responsible for. The cats in stereotaxic devices with holes drilled into their skulls are what drives us and we will do anything to end your torture.

We've read the past communiques where other anonymous activists have visited Freeman's home and broken windows, with this action we want to send the message loud and clear that those who torture non-humans to death are not safe at home nor at work. We will go on the offensive against every form of oppression that surrounds; whether it be racism, sexism, homophobia, or speciesism.

In addition to Freeman (freeman@neurovision.berkeley.edu), we sent the virus to Brian Pasley (bpasley@socrates.berkeley.edu), Thang Duong (thangd@uclink.berkeley.edu), Elena Allen (eadelle@uclink.berkeley.edu), Nina Yang (ninay@neurovision.berkeley.edu), Lars Eric Holm (larseric@neurovision.berkeley.edu), BaoWang Li (libaowang@neurovision.berkeley.edu), and Ahalya Viswanathan (ahalya_v@uclink.berkeley.edu)

This action is dedicated to all those fighting for primate freedom at UCLA and all those who have taken action as of late against the animal murder industries in Central and South America. It is for the billions of animals currently enslaved.



Santa Cruz, CA: Vandals Attack UCSC

Vandals struck UC Santa Cruz overnight, damaging up to 20 university vehicles, breaking windows at two sites, spraying graffiti in residence halls and a parking garage, and laying down road spike strips.

The vandalism occurred shortly after midnight Wednesday. No injuries were reported. The campus began its winter break on Saturday, so few students are present but faculty and staff are still working in advance of the holiday closure.

A UCSC spokesman said there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

UCSC said the vandalism includes:

* Broken windows at Kresge College's Owl's Nest Cafe.

* Tires slashed and windows damaged on up to 20 vehicles, including Physical Plant trucks and an electric car at Kresge.

* Damage to construction equipment at Porter College.

*Graffiti messages expressed opposition to the prison system, law enforcement and campus growth.

* Broken windows at University House.

* Graffiti in Porter College residence halls and the Core West Parking Structure.

* Road spikes designed to puncture tires were found on Meyer Drive, a road that leads to the chancellor's on-campus residence and offices.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

U.S. Attacks in Solidarity With Greek Insurrection


New York City:

Several windows were smashed at the Greek consulate in NYC last night, along with graffiti reading "Alex was here," "Murderer" and a circle A. This action took place the night before a scheduled solidarity demonstration at the same location.

Nothing is missing, everything is here: once again, everyone, adventurism gets the goods.

Athens on fire-so are our hearts!
This is global social war!


Olympia, Washington:

50 people gathered in Slyvester Park in downtown Olympia. From there a march started which snaked throughout the city, with hundreds of pamphlets about what is happening in Greece being distributed to an increasingly sympathetic community. At the head of the march was a banner which read: SOLIDARITY WITH GREEK UNREST-RESISTANCE IS GLOBAL, flanked by drawings of two molotov cocktails. In the rear of the march was a sound system blasting electronic music.

Upwards of fifty people were there, dressed in black and holding black flags. Two bike cops ineptly followed the march, as did several cruisers from the overtaxed and despised Olympia Police Department.

While the march was moving, people informed passersby about the murder of Alex in Athens and the murder of Jose Ramirez-Jimenez by the Olympia Police Department.

After making several loops of the downtown area, the march suddenly ran backwards, overrunning the bike cops and cruisers and sprinting joyously down 4th Avenue. Someone threw a rock at the US Bank window but it did not hit the glass. A Bank of America had its windows smashed out during the sprinting after a bag of rocks appeared from nowhere. Afterward, people informed the spectators that this was done in solidarity with the Chicago factory occupation because of the banks involvement in closing the factory.

One person was arrested in a parking lot for "not sitting down fast enough." This person did not do anything and will more than likely be released tonight and later have their charges dropped. There are currently people at the jail waiting for him to be released.

Revolt is everywhere. Solidarity is not an abstract idea nor is it something easy. Solidarity means attack; constant, unrelenting attack. We must be brave and take risks. That is the only way anything will materialize. From Athens to Olympia, we are all fighting the same fight. Keep it up, those of you who are fighting.

Athens burns...and with it...so do our hearts.

Love forever

Don't stop.


Santa Cruz, California:

Last night rocks were thrown through the windows of 2 Bank of Americas and another ATM location. We did this because the uprising of our comrades in Greece, England, Moscow and elsewhere will not go without a response. People here are killed by cops, screwed by banks, and we will revolt with just as much fury. These and the outbreaks in Europe show that it is simple for us to respond in the most direct way to the forces of repression in order for them to fall.

We chose Bank of America because of their exemplary demonstration of capitalism’s principles (sic). Funding toxic coal projects, selling out workers, in bed with the government… Rather than many banks who worship money over people, we chose to stick it to one bank that worships money more than people. After all, it is a bank. But we’ll be back.



Olympia, Washington:

We paid another visit to the bigots over at the Mormon Church. We covered their building with messages in spray paint, such things as “there is no sin in your desire”, “love who you want to love and love how you please”, “sex is fun! It’s not shameful”, “queer and trans insurrection” and many, many, many, many others. We also left them a surprise, it’s a pretty big one, we think they’ll notice it within a few days.

The Mormons are an atrocious bunch and, well, it just felt amazing to fuck up their holy place, especially on an early Sunday morning with the snowflakes glistening in the street lamps. They have been so active in suppressing their flocks sexual urges through instilling bankrupt ideas of morality and shame, we hope that a few people read that and went home to commit loving acts of sodomy.

We’re also pretty fucking fed up with the way those Mormons have been giving us queer and trans people so much shit, they treat us like we’re some sort of plague that they need to quarantine before it spreads. When actually this plague is something innate in us as humans, you can’t quarantine us, cause we already exist inside of everyone. We are desire, we are freedom, we are acting on urges and possibilities, we are passion, we are a break from the routine, from the expected, from the drudgery, we are the nibble on your earlobe, the sex in the forest or the kiss under the stars. We are sexy, sexy, anarchists.

Around the world people are breaking away from their dreary slumber, rejecting the tediousness of their boring lives and finding meaning in attacking systems of misery. Let this be a call out for more actions, bigger ones, and bigger still. We want nothing from their world to stand, we want to create our own world, where everything is possible and everything is permitted.

We did this in solidarity with those sexy Greek rioters we’ve been hearing so much about. Damn, those kids really know how to turn us on, they get us all warm inside on these cold winter nights. We wish we could grab a few of those Greeks by the balaclava and just… well you know…

More attacks to cum.

An underground cell of Bash Back!


Boston, Massachusetts:

On the shadow of midnight on Sunday, red paint was thrown at the Greek Embassy in Boston . Now, just like in Greece, they have blood on their hands.

The present Social Insurrection in Greece is a reminder to all of us that another world is not only possible, but is present in the struggle for the decolonization of everyday life.

With the day of international solidarity this Saturday, people will be showing support for what is happening in the streets and buildings of Greece. Yet, along with solidarity, people need to take to the streets like our comrades in Greece and fight the same battle that they are because wherever there is capitalism there is oppression .

With the recession hitting home everywhere, as corporations are getting bailed out and families are having trouble putting food on the table and finding jobs, the struggle is everywhere, not just in Greece.



New York City:

A group of 40-50 individuals assembled shortly after 9pm in Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan's Lower East Side last night. Carrying banners they took to the streets marching north on Avenue A., the site of the well known tompkins square park riots of 1989. The group began chanting anti police slogans, as well as anti-capitalist chants. Fliers were handed out talking about the Greek revolt as well as problems here like police brutality, the economic crisis and gentrification.

As the crowd made its way west construction materials and newspaper boxes were dragged into the streets making blockades. At this point Anarchist grafitti was painted on the walls and a yuppie condo was defaced. Allegedly a couple of luxury cars had their windows broken. Marchers chanted "From New York to Greece, Fuck the Police"


Fort Collins, Colorado:

A Wells-Fargo bank in Fort Collins, Colorado had a window smashed last night. This action was in solidarity with the social insurrection in Greece and with immigrants and prisoners everywhere. It was also done as direct action against capitalism.

Not only is Wells-Fargo one of the major institutions of capitalism, it also invests in the Geo Group, a corporation that builds and operates ICE prisons and the u.s. prison camp at Guantanomo.

In the shattering of the bank window, we hear the voice of resistance. Give fuel to the fire!


Tacoma, Washington:

Early on the morning of the 20th, in memory of the 15 year old hero Alexandros Grigoropoulos and all those murdered by the police and other defenders of this false and rotting order, and in memory of our own lives, fuel hoses were slashed, pump consoles were destroyed, and the message "walk to work and murder your boss" was left at two Shell stations and two Chevron stations in Tacoma.

This announcement was also sent to the News Tribune, the Seattle Times and PI, and also the Puyallup Herald.

The attacks were a very small contribution to the targeted mayhem we hope to see engulf this world.

Fighting the forever war from Athens to Hilltop,

For the development of a high-intensity conflict against everything,

some anonymous comrades


San Francisco, California:

We gathered at 24th and Mission and after about 45 minutes approximately 200 people were assembled. We had a mobile sound-system in a shopping cart, anarchist flags and banners which read "Solidarity with the greek uprising," "Stop Police Violence," "Organize, Prepare for Capitalist Crisis," Police out of Greece, US out of the World," amongst others. Organizers had printed out leaflets that explained the events in Greece and tied it into our current, local context. None of us had anticipated the course of events that night and had not printed out enough leaflets for the whole duration of the march. It is a pity that there weren't enough to pass out by the time we would arrive to the Westfield Mall.

We marched down Mission St., occasionally picking up supporters along the way. Important to note is that many passersby who saw the banner "Stop Police Violence", cheered or honked in support. Once we arrived to the front of New College, we realized that previous rumors we had heard that the police had information of our intentions were in fact true. The front gate to the building was chained and locked. There were undercover police officers inside and a line of cops on the outside. A couple of banners were dropped from the roof by people who had already entered the building previously to facilitate the occupation, they read "Burn the Banks, Smash the State", "Solidarity with Greek Uprising"

This was the point where the march began to take a life of its own as we did not have clearly thought out contingency plans for what to do next. After speeches announcing our original intentions an impromptu facilitation took place where the group (around 100 people at this point) tried to decide what to do next. The momentum and energy was still present and most wanted to march on. And so we did.

We marched down Valencia st., ground zero for Mission District yuppification, with chants against the rich and gentrification. It was clear that the trendy crowd were much less supportive to us than when we were on Mission street, only a couple blocks east. The spontaneity of the march grew after we left New College and when we came to the Mission Police Station it was more than evident that we should make a stop. The crowd rushed its way through police who were hastily trying to form lines and arrived at the front of the cop shop. More speeches were made on the sound-system about why we were there. At this point what we had thought to be a general assembly had degenerated into an open mic and some of the organizers tried to facilitate another discussion about what should come next. Some said we should occupy a yuppie restaurant and feast and others said we should go to the branch of Wells Fargo around the corner

As we marched to Wells Fargo it became more and more apparent that the action was degenerating into confusion and helplessness. The same kind of speeches were made in front of Wells Fargo and more decisions were tried to be made but the enthusiasm was clearly dying. Thankfully the group decided that the best course of action would be to bring our presence to the downtown, shopping district of San Francisco

The energy had clearly increased as we had a clear destination in mind. It seemed to me that our numbers grew again to around 150. The majority of the crowd was masked up but this was far from a black bloc in character and spirit. The energy was continually increasing as we started to run down the last block of valencia street to make it onto Market St. (the main street of San Francisco that runs through downtown). We held our space over two lanes and the cops let us march as we pleased. This is a clear difference from other major cities across the US (i.e. New York City), where taking over lanes of traffic in an un-permitted and spontaneous march is enough reason to unleash batons and make arrests. Police on motorbikes and cruisers just marched alongside us trying to maintain their presence.

The march down Market st. was without question one of the most successful parts of the action. We had major visibility as we went down the main artery of San Francisco and there was a clear sense of excitement as we approached downtown, seeing it from a distance. The group continued chanting against police and in solidarity with the insurrection in Greece. And then we came to the front of the Westfield mall.

The entry into the Westfield Mall was also fully spontaneous and not part of any plan as far as I am aware. It was just self-evident (similar to our stop in front of the Mission Police Station) that we needed to enter this temple of consumerism. The Westfield Mall is not your typical suburban cookie cutter mall but a high-class shopping center with many designer stores and even exclusive spaces for those who can afford to pay. Entering the mall with our sound-system, banners, and chants re-lifted the energy once again as we had a completely clueless audience who throughout the five floors of the mall were having their holiday shopping briefly interrupted by a dose of reality, having to stop and wonder what the fuck was going on in Greece and police violence. At this point the police were clearly fed up with us following our anti-capitalist instincts for hours throughout San Francisco and wanted us out of the mall. So they attacked and arrested a couple of the participants. At this point some of us wrecked a kiosk and attacked some windows in retaliation.

Acknowledging that there are already countless reasons to shatter plate glass it is important to note that the small degree of property destruction that took place was after the police attacked us. The police continued attacking people and making arrests. The mood was quickly electrified as we started to yell in the faces of the cops to release our comrades. I observed a handful of shoppers also join in and call for the release of those arrested. The atmosphere of the mall was completely transformed and it was clear that there was an anti-police sentiment sweeping through the ground floor, not just from us but by people who were already there. Other young people on the street who had had no idea what was going on came into the mall with clear excitement on their faces and willing to join in in yelling at the police.


San Francisco, California:

In solidarity with Greek unrest and the declared global day of action against the state (Dec. 20th), we paid a visit to the yuppie West Portal branch of Bank of America. Anarchists and anti-capitalists took to the streets earlier in the evening to protest police brutality, only to be harassed, beaten up, and arrested. The police violence was legitimized by "public safety" propaganda. We don't buy it. The only people hurt in the Westfield Mall incident were the victims of the pigs, who are responsible for perpetrating nothing but a culture of violence. This action was in solidarity with those brave comrades.

Bank of America obviously has a distorted view of how their participation in the capitalist system affects folks around the world, so we thought we'd give them something else to look at.

Tomorrow they'll have a great view of the poor's rage embodied in a spider-webbed window, not to mention a fractured picture of that mansion across the street epitomizing gentrification.




This unrest is not unprecedented nor is it isolated. We fight for all desires to surface, for the earth and for each other.

We welcome collapse. More so, we advocate unity in the most dire sense of the word. Now more than ever, we must find the balance between destruction and creation. We cannot have one without the other.

Love forever,
anonymous comrades.


Portland, Oregon:

40 people or so marched through downtown Portland streets on a very snowy Saturday night in solidarity with the insurrection in Greece and against state repression everywhere.

Chants of "from Portland to Greece, these are our streets!" and "rain or snow the police must go!" were met with cheers by many of the people who were downtown during the blizzard, some even joined the march with their own chants of "F-ck the Police!"

The march encountered only one cop who was laughed off when he asked "who is the leader?". a window broke at a large department store (nordstrom rack?), and circle A's appeared on doors and buildings in the wake of the march.


Kansas City, Missouri:

Late Saturday night we visited the Mexican consulate at 16th and Baltimore in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

We did so to pay our respects to all those murdered by the state: in Greece, Mexico, the United States -- everywhere. We used bricks, paint, and stealth.

We are enraged by the slaying of our compas. We don't forgive and we don't forget. We attack.

Tonight was only practice. One day we'll take this to the streets in broad daylight, KCPD -- and we will reduce the property you that currently "protect" to ashes. The fires of rebellion will engulf everything that stands for and maintains our domination. We're getting ready.

You will be no match for our courage and our rage.

Solidarity with all who revolt!
Viva Oaxaca y Chiapas!
Burn Greece burn!


St. Louis, Missouri:

On Saturday December 20th, about 30-40 people gathered in the University City's Delmar Loop district, an area that is mostly a busy yuppie financial district but seems to be a melting pot for all walks of life, also the location of the most recent fatal shooting of a cop.

As people gathered, a small business owner saw masked people gathering about in the cold night and reminded us that we we're on his property and once we abandon the role of isolated atomized individuals then the property is no longer available for us to use.

So the solidarity march began. On the sidewalks we began, a small group walking amongst the freezing and surprisingly empty streets heading eastward.

Some handed out flyers stating why we we're there, making connections to the situation in Greece, and the violence of the economy which is not going away.

With loud chants of "From St. Louis to Greece - fuck the police!" filling the quiet air, busboys and waiters/waitresses came out from restaurants giving a positive reaction to what we were doing.

As we ended the end of the strip of the loop flyers were tossed into the air and scattered about by the high winds, then we turned around and got in the street. Not long after getting in the street did the police confront us.

Then it all escalated quickly.

A scuffle broke out, some were arrested, some were unarrested, a cop got hit in the shoulder with a metal pole.

The police threatened to arrest everyone, only 6 arrests were made.

It all happened within 20 minutes, and somehow a bank window a few blocks down was busted before the night was over.

It must be noted that FOX NEWS turned up, got a hold of one of our flyers, and in their initial first 2 broadcasts, read a few quotes from the flyers on air:

These problems aren't going away, and the resistance in Greece doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon, in fact, as we can see - it is spreading.

Things are getting worse without even the false promises that they will get better, so we might as well create the world we want, we can lash out individually or we can try to collectivize revolt and make it uncontrollable.

Here and elsewhere, this is only a beginning.


Oshkosh, Wisconsin:

Walking down the street some paint and some glue
wished to see about some banks troubles
if there was anything they could do.

When they walked near
they found the capitalists were filled with fear.

So they decided to, with Christmas cheer,
cover the motherfuckers windows
and glue up their locks.

So the bankers would be safe
from the public bashing back.

Just after midnight, the beginning of Staurday, December 20th, in Oshkosh, WI a Chase Bank was attacked by some glue and some paint. Burn Greece; Burn Prisons; Burn the States.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

Just strolling around town yesterday, this humble observer saw condos, developments, city buildings, and even some hummers that had been redecorated and dedicated to the social uprising happening in greece.

One building read, "No Control", another "the Social War is Everywhere". One piece of graffiti read "Alex was here", undoubtedly making reference to the teenage anarchist murdered by Greek Police. Most importantly, was the newly built condominium that read "From Milwaukee to Greece, Fuck the Police".

These sentiments were found just as other cities throughout the world are reporting on their expressions of solidarity with our comrades in greece. They echo the logic articulated over the past two weeks - that logic of attack. Our friends in greece demonstrated this logic when one of theirs was murdered. And we, in turn, are expressing it for them.

What becomes clear, is that resistance to power is everywhere. Milwaukee, MInneapolis, New York, Santa Cruz, Modesto, Chicago, Michigan, San Francisco, Tacoma, Olympia, North Carolina, Denver - We are many and strong!

May this only be the beginning



Milwaukee, WI: RNC Solidarity Attacks

At least 21 ATMs, banks, and businesses had their locks glued or were otherwise vandalized all across Milwaukee county last Saturday night as part of a regional day of solidarity with all those facing charges stemming from the 2008 republican national convention. Targets were hit to correspond with the number of ongoing felony cases being pursued by the state.

The state cannot escape the consequences of a permanent state of repression. Targets are everywhere, and so are we.



Wasilla, AK: Sarah Palin's Church Torched

Alaska governor Sarah Palin's church was set on fire in Wasilla, Alaska on December 13th.

Early in Mrs Palin's campaign, the church was criticised for promoting in a Sunday bulletin a Focus On The Family "Love Won Out Conference" in Anchorage. The conference promised to "help men and women dissatisfied with living homosexually understand that same-sex attractions can be overcome".

Damage to the Wasilla Bible Church was estimated at one million dollars.


Bloomington, IN: Tires Flattened at Correction Facility

In the late hours of Thursday Dec. 11th, the Bloomington Flat Tire Brigade targeted a number of vehicles belonging to Monroe County Community Corrections. In all, 8 tires were left flaccid, incapacitating most of the fleet of corrections vehicles. Community Corrections in Monroe County is responsible for, among many other things, extracting upwards of $200,000 worth of slave labor out of over-policed and over-incarcerated communities of Monroe County each year.

This action was taken on the night that the jail building consulting firm PMSI of Noblesville, IN presented its master plan to the County and the public for an expanded "justice campus". The plan includes a new jail with at least double the capacity of the current one, a youth detention facility, and a community corrections facility all to be housed on the same site (incidentally, the site chosen is the former location of a RCA plant, which long ago left Bloomington for warmer climes (read NAFTA)).

We hope that this action: a) ushered in a fun filled weekend of changing tires for the fascists at Community Corrections and b) sent a message to the county that their plans for expansion and imprisonment won't be tolerated.


America: White Powder Mailed to Politicians

A suspicious white powder sent in a letter to the governor's office in Boise on Friday has tested negative for harmful substances.

The letter, addressed to former Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, was one of 20 sent to the chief executives of states nationwide.

Letters in several of the states led to office shutdowns or evacuations. Tests also indicate the same powder was found in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, North Dakota and Utah.


Olympia, WA: Attack on Condo Developers

The vote is in, the city council has ignored our needs and desires once again and approved a proposal to rezone the isthmus to make way for condos and yuppies--our burning indignation sent us on a rampage last night. We found ourselves at the following points in the web of evil

Triway Enterprises is one of many that must be held accountable for impending condo developments downtown. We do. Several windows lay in pieces on the ground, and explosions of paint gave this sterile institution of exploitation a new aesthetic…Two messages were left there, clear as crystal.


Olympia Master Builder’s slew of mindless developers arrived this morning to find their locks glued and their walls covered in paint. We left “THE TALLER YOU BUILD… THE HARDER WE STRIKE,”

Janet Blanding is contracted through Olympia Master Builders by Triway Enterprises to ensure the developer’s dystopian fantasy is actualized. Before the night was over we paid a visit to the site of the new City Hall and scrawled “GENTRIFICATION IS TERRORISM” on what was the old Safeway.

Triway and Olympia Master Builders HQ are both despicable companies who wish to pave over a place that so many of us hold dear to our hearts. It is not enough to oppose a wall of white-collar dwellings for the sake of our views of Mt. Rainier and the Budd Inlet. Gentrification will mean the same thing for Olympia as it has for Seattle and Tacoma: property values go up, people are pushed out of their homes, the houseless will be subject to further harassment and marginalization from more frequent police patrols and increased surveillance.

Say hello to the reign of yuppie condo residents commuting to their computer programming jobs in Seattle and soulless legislators who will surely jump on the project (that our kind city council has set in motion) of turning the last haven on the puget sound into another cold corporate nightmare for all making under 100,000 a year…


FIGHT BACK BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. It’s obvious by now that the legal process isn’t working. The local government is the same as the state and federal government: Politicians serve profit and profit alone, they will sell themselves to accumulate more, at the cost of everyone they “represent”. They don’t give a fuck about us.

You won’t be alone in your adventures—in this global economic climate, social warfare is imminent. Let’s take care of each other as we fight for our lives, our loved ones, and this place that has already endured years of the devastating effects of colonialism. Stop the machine before it chokes the life and color out of Olympia with concrete and luxury SUVs.

To Triway, Olympia Master Builders, members of the city council, yuppie imports and all other bastards: This is what accountability looks like…keep that in mind…

To all those who are restless, reckless--remember, “THE PHANTOM OF LIBERTY ALWAYS COMES WITH A KNIFE BETWEEN THE TEETH.”


New Orleans, LA: Six Fires Erupt at High School

Six fires have been set at Frederick Douglas Senior High School in the 9th Ward in the past week, including one on Tuesday, December 9th, that badly damaged a classroom.

The fires were started in trash cans or in the bathroom during school hours. One of the fires destroyed about 25 percent of a classroom.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Internet: Hackers Subvert Tweeter's Website

Hackers have apparently broken into Tweeter's website and posted a picture of President George W. Bush on the homepage with a message about the bankrupt chain's owner and restructuring officer: "Don't trust either of them!!!"

By late morning it appeared that the website was no longer operational, perhaps overwhelmed by a throng of traffic.


Los Angeles, CA: Further Attacks Against Primate Torture

this note is to share a few things with those of you who haven't ceased the torture of primates at UCLA, all other UC schools, and all vivisectors worldwide. (remember, we are coming for you.)

first off:
the first few hours of the silly U.S. holiday of over consumption known as thanksgiving were celebrated by some activists by redecorating a UCLA clinic located on the corner of 18th and Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica. Glue for the locks and lots of blood red paint were some of the additions that we chose to make to the general appearance of this outpost of the murderous UCLA medical department. this was another small gesture of our willingness to keep up the fight until the monkeys are removed from the UCLA labs.
we aren't going away.

we are aware that due to some people's recent interactions with the UCLA vanpools, security has been vamped up, some of the vans aren't left out overnight anymore, and a bulletin was sent out to drivers and passengers to be alert of anything out of the ordinary. we are also aware of the fact that some of the vanpools have UCLA medical staff and ocassionaly even a vivisector as passengers. one such van has been driving around with a small "V" scratched into the paint. did your keen drivers and passengers pick up on it? the "V" stands for the victory that we will bring for the primates in the labs and also denotes something else of interest about the van. you figure it out...

and lastly:
we wanted to share some ideas with the regents of UCLA.
there are way more of us than you think. and that number is getting greater with every article that shines light on your disgusting halls of torture. more press. more actions. more damage. more pressure. it won't stop. as our numbers grow our proximity to you becomes closer and closer. disgruntled employees. disillusioned students. we are on your campus. you even pay some of us as we get closer to shuting you down. if there are primates in your labs we will be here doing what we do and getting better at it. we aren't going to back down.

with this said we have an idea for you. we know that the non-animal protocols exist. we know that UCLA has even had vivisectors switch over to the non-animal protocols in ongoing studies. when you do free the primates you don't want it to look like you had to make the choice because of the financial or emotional pressure that some of the direct actions bring you. right? here is what you do: you start calling us terrorists (shouldn't be too much of a challenge for you...), and you start saying that our actions are slowing down your plan to transfer over to total and complete, uncruel, primate and other animal free, safe, medical testing. UCLA makes the switch to animal free testing and we retire. UCLA restores it's reputation and saves money along with producing actual safe and reliable research. (contrary to what you offer now.) best of all the primates and other animals don't suffer. (also we don't mind that you called us terrorists. we know that you are the ones who terrorize and abuse. we know that we are the ones acting in the name of compassion and justice. go ahead and call us whatever you want. just let the animals out of the cages.)

it's up to you UC regents.
the UC name can continue to be doused in red paint or even go up in flames.
or it can shine proudly having ushered in a new day of humane treatment towards our fellow sentient beings.

your choice. we will be watching.

with love,


Olympia, WA: ATM Card Slots Glued Shut

A roommate who attends Evergreen State College noticed that the card slot for the Bank of America ATM was glued shut when she went in to the CAB building.

We couldn't find any other reports online but decided to report on it anyway.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Island, HI: School Vandalized and Robbed

Two classrooms at Kau High School were vandalized on Monday.

14 laptop computers, 2 televisions, and a printer had been taken.

Vandals also set fires in several areas on campus.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bellingham, WA: Police Car Stolen, Tires Deflated

A police car in Bellingham was stolen outside of a restaurant after an officer left the car running while responding to a call.

The Bellingham Herald reports that the car was found about 30 minutes later with two radio microphones — worth about $500 — stolen, and one of the vehicle's tires flat.

The police officer had parked the car in an alley outside the Horseshoe Cafe while responding to a call of a potential fight inside Sunday. When he returned to the car, it was gone.


Olympia, WA: Anarchist Graffiti on Capitol Building

For the third time this year, vandals have spray painted anti-government symbols on the front of the Capitol.

The bill to repair the latest vandalism, three marks by the bronze doors used by tourists and officials, is expected to reach $16,000.