Saturday, November 1, 2008

Olympia, WA: Halloween Dance Party Riot

On Halloween night, a roving dance party took off from the artesian well. The artesian well sits under a black wall covered with Olympia' art. The artesian well is the source of all life in Olympia. The well belongs to the vast tribe of Olympia.

The party lasted exactly 55 minutes. A mix was played over several boomboxes. Almost immediately, the US bank had its windows busted out. Some people left the party after this, but most stayed. In less than ten minutes, the size of the roving party swelled.

With Justice playing over the speakers, people busted out the windows of a Starbucks. Again, some people left, but most stayed. After making another circle of downtown and seeing more US bank windows busted out (!), the crowd continued to grow as it passed the bars.

When it was clear that the slow moving police were attempting to trap everyone, the crowd suddenly surged backwards, overrunning the cruisers. At this point some people were pepper sprayed. No one was arrested. Everyone stayed safe.

The crowd was composed of people dressed as Knights, Unicorns, Witches, Dragons, Hippies, Demons, Aliens, Owls, assorted superheroes, Wizards, Satanic Fauns, unaffiliated party goers, Wolves, Angels and Sheep. Even the Devil was there. So was Athena. Even old trusty Jesus was there.

Thank you for the blessing Athena!


Some Olympia Shitheads

(More to come, undoubtedly.)

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Corporate news:

Several windows were broken at U.S. Bank and Starbucks after about 50 people, dressed in Halloween costumes, marched through downtown Olympia Friday night.

Some members broke away from the group after the march started about 10:30 p.m. and smashed windows at the two businesses, resulting in an estimated $8,000 in damages.

The march started in the 400 block of east Fourth Avenue, then turned southbound onto Capitol Way, he said. U.S. Bank is at 402 S. Capitol Way and Starbucks is at 550 Capitol Way South.

Broken windows have been boarded up at U.S. Bank and it appears large objects, such as rocks, were used to break windows at Starbucks.

No injuries or arrests were reported.

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