Monday, November 3, 2008

Kansas City, MO: Democratic Headquarters Attacked Again

In the wee hours last Wednesday and Friday mornings, we smashed several windows at Barack Obama campaign headquarters in Kansas City. Our motivations were curtly expressed in the words written on Wednesday’s bricks—“false hope means social war.” Needless to say, we have little affinity with those currently supporting Obama. We fundamentally object to electoral politics, representative democracy, and global capital and aren’t interested to compromise, be ‘realistic’, etc. Obama is a ruse and dangerously counterrevolutionary: he has become the image of ‘change’ (albeit illusory!), a respectable face for imperial capital and state. His candidacy has exposed many more as pseudo-comrades, quick to blackmail themselves out of guilt-ridden liberal critiques of privilege into standing in solidarity with ultimately none other than the financial industry, whom Obama gladly will bail out. In turn, we aim to expose Obama, the Democratic party, and liberals (anarcho- or otherwise) as our enemies. While they earnestly perform their scripted role of good cop, we are struggling to evict all cops from our neighborhoods. While they coax and coerce us to play by the rules, we are fighting to live only by our desires. While they bandy words about a piecemeal, painfully slow models of ‘progress’ and ‘social change’, we are taking matters into our hands—we feel it in our bones, we cannot wait any longer. No more delusions or demagogues! Rebel, riot, revolt 2008!

Forever and always threatening the windows of oppressors,
The Sand Liberation Front, Kansas City chapter

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