Friday, November 7, 2008

Jonesboro, AR: Obama Victory Turns Into Anti-Police Riot

Jonesboro police arrested eight Arkansas State University students after a melee at an impromptu Barack Obama victory celebration near the campus.

Three police officers suffered minor injuries.

Police Capt. Lynn Waterworth said an officer had her nose broken when a man jumped on top of her and punched her.

The celebration saw about 200 people gather at an apartment complex about a block away from campus at 10:45 p.m. Tuesday. An off-duty officer moonlighting as a security guard for the apartment complex asked those who had gathered to go home, then called for additional help.

Two on-duty officers arrived at the apartment complex.

The crowd responded by throwing rocks and beer bottles at police, with one man attacking a cop.

A distress call summoned more than 40 police officers from surrounding departments and the Arkansas State Police. One officer suffered a cut to the forehead trying to pull the man off of the officer and another fell to the ground during the scuffle.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that an old picture? That and the arson picture would be two for two on bad pictures.

The crowd responded by throwing rocks and beer bottles at police, with one man attacking a cop.

I wish someone resourceful would care enough to raise money for their bail or legal defense the way resourceful people raise money and a lot of attention for people who got caught by green scare or animal liberation crack downs.

DunngarTheMag said...

bout time the pigs get a little back what they been giving all these years.. Next step is to kidnap them and throw them in rooms with metal bars preventing them from getting out. Thats what they do.. why shouldn't people start doing it back to them!? I'd be willing to live and let live if they eased off.. but we know that aint gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

This is shit, that picture i have it on my pc for several years, it's reallyt old. Don't believe what you read

Anonymous said...

that is not in arkansas look at the patch that is san francisco ca

duckbaby said...

It's odd how the powers that be, try to sway the public. When it you read between the lines. People where happy and having a good time. Those other people where unhappy, and a pasition of authority, most likly became demanding and treating people as though they whher children, and demanding them to go home. When the people did not comply, Cop got mad and called his back up, and turn nothing into something. They don't wont a Black Pres. Look at them now. He's still Black and he's still the Pres.So, Roll with us or get rolled over. We are the people.