Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jefferson City, MO: Workers Attack Banks After Confronting Neo-Nazi's

Mere hours after the National Socialist Movement marched through downtown Jefferson City, Missouri angry working class people trashed windows and the ATMs of the First National and UMB Banks in Columbia, some 30 miles north.

Unlike the Fascists that marched, we understand who the real enemy of working class people is and always has been. The rich bankers are not of any one religious, ethnic, or racial background. Even If one were to make such a generalization, they surely would come to the conclusion that whites that proclaim themselves Christian are in the majority of those exploiting us, not Jews, blacks, or immigrants.

We say that our alliances are with all working people who struggle against domination and the real enemy: the rich. Brown skinned workers crossing our borders are our comrades in arms, not our enemies.

We will no longer allow ourselves to be used against our comrades of different skin colors or ethnic backgrounds. We want class war. We want an end to the race war and genocide that white working class people have historically been perpetrators of. We say enough collaboration with the enemy!

The NSM and other fascist working class whites contribute to the problem directly and help uphold these systems of domination that curtail freedom even for white workers. You are class traitors. We know this. We scream this.

This time the banks got the bricks. But we also have bricks for those that help maintain the power of the rich, and who have delusions of a future of ethnic cleansing and even more white supremacy. Death to the rich! Death to collaborators and fascists!

This action was in solidarity with the PF2. We love you and your rage.

-Pissed off working class race traitors...

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