Friday, November 7, 2008

California: Attacks Against Prop. 8


A Mormon church in Orangevale has become the target of vandals apparently upset over the passing of Proposition 8.

At around 1:40 p.m. Friday, vandals spray painted "No on Prop 8" onto the outside of the church located at 7950 Hazel Avenue.


Vandals Thursday rearranged yard signs at a Riverside church expressing support for Proposition 8 into a swastika.

The vandalism at Our Lady of Perpetual Help took place Thursday at 9:35 a.m.


Many residents between 5th St. and 6th St. in Yucaipa found their property had been targeted by visitors with paint cans.

"We woke up this morning and we just had paint on all of our cars and fences. It was on everything. It was bright orange -- beautiful paint," said Yucaipa resident, Dawn Antinucci.

The same political message was painted on a number of vehicles, garages, fences, and on "Yes on 8" signs.


Supporters of Proposition 8 in Chino Hills, California, have met opposition from local officials as well as vandals.

Prop. 8 signs were stolen from the yard of one family belonging to the church, and graphic messages were scratched into their two cars. The vandals keyed "Gay Sex is Love" into the car's paint, while also writing other degrading phrases in permanent marker "all over both vehicles." Additionally, the delinquents broke off an antenna on one car and bent the back windshield wiper on the other.


Several Pro-Prop 8 signs throughout town yesterday that had been vandalized with an "I hate gays" template over the signs.


Vandals spray-painted large "No on 8" messages Sunday night on the garage doors of two homes on a cul-de-sac near Monterey and Bernal roads.

The rear window of a minivan was also hit with red spray paint.


Kids, all students at HART Middle School, had a chance to see a vandal at work, as some crazed-lady driving a white SUV, with No on 8 signs plastered to the side, was ripping down YES on 8 signs.


The words "love for all," "no on 8" and "equal rights" were sprayed on three sides of a supporter of Prop. 8's trailer


In Huntington Beach, vandals scrawled the word “biggot” on a sign supporting Prop. 8.


Susan Lopez of Bay Park said that she thought that three slashed tires were the work of vandals unhappy with her "Yes on 8" yard sign.


53 signs supporting Proposition 8 were stolen in one night.


Pro-Prop. 8 signs were not only stolen, but vandalized, and even burned.

Theft and vandalism of Proposition 8 signs have been reported in Santa Ana, Yorba Linda, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Irvine and Laguna Hills. In Fullerton, five people were taken into custody after police there found 10 torn "Yes on Proposition 8" signs in their car. The suspects told police they had just attended a "No on 8" rally.

In Irvine, two citizen arrests have been reported of people stealing or vandalizing "Yes" signs and on Tuesday, three students were stopped by a police officer in an area where several signs had the word "No" spray-painted over several "Yes" signs. Two of them, a 17- and an 18-year-old were found to be in possession of spray cans. The minor was released to her parents.

The "Yes on Proposition 8" campaign estimates about 25,000 signs have been stolen or vandalized in California, about one-third of the signs distributed.

Proposition 8 will eliminate the abilty for same sex couples to marry.

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