Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Santa Cruz, CA: Resistance to the Police

According to the SCPD Media Release Log*, at 1:37 in the afternoon of Tuesday September 23rd, someone vandalized an SCPD squad car for over $400 damages at the corner of Pacific and Lincoln. Cheers to that brave person!

The Media Release Log from Wednesday says that "unknown suspect(s) threw rocks through the front window" of an undisclosed building on Tuesday evening. Though the cops blacked out the identity of the recipient of those rocks, we can confirm that it was the office of City Attorney John Barisone, the vile architect and legal defender of the City of Santa Cruz's repressive laws. That same night there was also a failed attack on the Santa Cruz Police Station itself, which we've learned has shatter-resistant windows.

Let's see more acts of resistance against the cops and the bureaucrats behind them! Open season on the pigs!

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Anonymous said...

this is too hilarious. bank robber on inner tube and craigslist decoys to confuse he cops. too good!!!