Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Olympia, WA: Four Newspaper Delivery Vans Disabled

On the evening of October 6th, we disabled four Olympian delivery vans by slashing their tires. The Olympian newspaper is responsible for many crimes. We will not be able to list all of them here, but we will try.

The Olympian knowingly helped disseminate propaganda for the government which led the country into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It printed nothing but the crudest form of patriotic hysteria, not even attempting to hide their bias. The Olympian has always been a willing mouthpiece of this fascist government and for that it should be held responsible.

The Olympian also serves as the overly willing mouthpiece of the Olympia Police Department. Whatever the police tell them to print, they print. Peaceful protesters, dissenting voices and anyone else who does not tow the party line are labeled as criminals. Police violence is completely ignored, even violence against their own staff. In this regard, the Olympian is no better than any late 1930's Nazi paper.

The Olympia is also blatantly siding with Triway Enterprises in its bid to gentrify downtown Olympian. It goes to great lengths to make it appear as if there is a large amount of support for the development when the town is largely against it, especially those who live downtown.

Finally, a group of anonymous comrades calling themselves the Nihilist Assault Group, a group which did not harm a single human being, a group which did nothing but throw paint and squirt glue, were called "terrorists" by Jeff Kingsbury, city council member. The Olympian later printing his disgusting comments.

Jeff Kingsbury is a successful queer politician. But he is also a traitor and a despicable human being. Calling someone a terrorist in the USA of 2008 is akin to calling someone a witch in Salem during the trials. For this reason alone Jeff Kingsbury should be stripped of his authority, let alone the slew of other reasons: eagerly jumping into Triway's pocket and pushing for development, ignoring the voice of the town, being a generally unpleasant person to interact with, etc.

The Nihilist Assault Group ceased activity after being publicly being labeled terrorists. This action against the Olympian is done in explicit solidarity with them. While they may be misguided hipster types with a strange sense of humor, we applaud their efforts and hope they return to their antics.

For the liberation of Olympia!

Friends of NAG

Slashing tires is an easily repeatable act.

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