Wednesday, October 1, 2008

La Mesa, CA: Same Wells Fargo Gets Robbed Twice in a Day

Times have been tough for banks everywhere, but a San Diego-area Wells Fargo branch had an especially difficult day this week. Poor banks.

The branch in La Mesa was robbed twice on Monday — by two different robbers.

Each person robbed the branch about three hours apart from one another.

"The Chatty Bandit" walked in to the branch about 3 p.m., showed a pistol and demanded cash.

Less than three hours later "The Hard Hat Bandit" walked in and presented a note demanding money.

"The Chatty Bandit" has held up nine banks since March and "The Hard Hat Bandit" has struck three times this week. Neither has been arrested.;_ylt=AjUfOaWmjAafrlSGyAj6V3Ss0N

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