Thursday, October 30, 2008

Greeley, CO: Students Throw Rocks at Bus After Being Kicked-Off

Students broke four windows of the school bus shortly after 4 p.m. near Franklin Middle School, 818 35th Ave. in Greeley.

The incident took place after about 35 students were kicked off the bus when the driver complained that some students were throwing pencils and food.

Once the bus departed the school again with only about 10 students, several of those kicked off, started throwing rocks back at the bus.,%20throw%20rocks%20at%20bus%20in%20incident%20that%20injures%20four


Anonymous said...

are you really going to champion this? what's next? "old man yells at cloud?"

Anonymous said...

my middle school bus driver was an authoritative, disciplinarian who yelled at us for eating food in the morning.

the school bus transported me to a place that i hated being. i would wake up with unlimited energy and then that driver would take me to a place where my energy would be drained, then they would transport me back home where i would regain my energy, only to have the same thing happen the next day.

i would have loved to break those windows with 30 other children.

more exciting than a turkey dinner said...

'dog bites postal worker in a declaration of war'

'man collects pennies from side walk; class war imminent'

'styrofoam cup shortage linked to a suspected increase in IED manufacture'

Acumensch said...

i thought this was sort of hilarious, - thanks for making me laugh, social rupture.

anonymous said...

These kids know what's up. I'd love to see a lot more anti-school action.