Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vallejo, CA: Car Rental Corporation Set on Fire

An early morning fire at an Enterprise car rental at 1225 Sonoma Boulevard in Vallejo. destroyed several cars.

Three cars were on fire when firefighters arrived. The cars were leaking gas and the gas was on fire too.

It appears the arsonist used an accelerant to start the fire at three of the vehicles' gas input doors, two of which were open.

The estimated the damage from the blaze at $175,000



Anonymous said...

Love your blog, been reading it for a few weeks. I have some ideas though:

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2. Provide a little text box on the right that has your email so people can send in news tips. Here's mine:

Over 30 threatening letters sent to CHASE bank branches

You should also consider moving off of blogger.com. Considering the political nature of this site and Google's horrible record with privacy, it would be advantageous to leave. I suggest nearlyfreespeech.net, which has hosting that will (most likely) run you less than $2 a month. You pay for what you use, so it's usually dirt cheap.


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