Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bloomington, IN: Chase Bank Attacked in the Night

During the morning hours of October 28 the Main Chase bank of Bloomington Indiana had it's back ATM smashed. This is the third attack on Chase bank in Bloomington since August . The second one was their ATM on second street being smashed during the night on the early morning hours of October 6 '08. The first on July 27 '08

We are declaring attack against Chase Bank for it's involvement with Gohman asphalt company(GAC). GAC is responsible for the construction of the first 1.7 miles of the I-69 NAFTA super highway. We find this disgusting. GAC is responsible for the relocation of families. The murder of wild animals. The destruction of delicate ecosystems. The contribution of sweat shop labor. The furtherance of globalization We are demanding that Chase bank bank drop all involvement with GAC now! Until then expect more attacks!

We welcome all friends to join in on the fun! We are sharing some propaganda as well!


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