Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Santa Cruz, CA: Solidarity Action With Guelph Wood Squat

On August 24, four windows and a glass door of the sales office of 2030 North Pacific were shattered with a hammer. Three weeks earlier, on the night before the "grand opening" (August 1), the walls were paintbombed by glass bottles filled with black paint.

2030 North Pacific is a monstrous four-story development that spans an entire city block of downtown Santa Cruz with upscale condos (selling for over $200,000) and storefronts for yet more shitty boutiques. Anyone who lives in Santa Cruz (who isn't a yuppie, that is) has probably seen this offensive gentrification and winced in disgust.

The triangular city block had been an abandoned lot in the years previous, and before that once hosted a community space called What is Art? "Development" is as good a euphemism as any for capitalism's process of transforming open spaces and anything with potential for life into dead commodities. We cannot wait for this city to crumble into ruins where human beings and animals might be able to breathe and feel sunlight and play again--and so we hasten to destroy these hated constructions in whatever small way we can. Next time, a mob armed with sledgehammers...

This most recent attack is in solidarity with the people living at the "wood squat" of Guelph, Ontario who are facing eviction by that city today, August 25. A group of people there have been living for over a year on some forested land technically owned by the city, growing and foraging much of their food. And now, the perennial conflict arises again between those desiring to live freely and this civilization based upon "owning" and "developing" the land and suppressing all other ways of life.

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