Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA: Bank Smashed With Iron Bars

This week the National City Bank branch on Penn Avenue in
Pittsburgh was attacked with iron bars. We damaged the front windows,
smashed out the side windows, and destroyed the ATM. The reason we
chose this target is obvious. It was an attack on a symbol of the
entire capitalist system of exploitation. Primarily, however, we chose
to carry out this attack as an act of solidarity with our friends and
comrades who are fighting in Denver and the Twin Cities against the
conventions. For those of us who cannot be there, this is the least we
can do to stand in solidarity with you. We hope that this action
inspires you and lets you know that you are not alone. We know that
comrades all over the country are carrying out actions like this in
solidarity, and we know that there will be many more. Fight your
hardest, and we'll do the same.

It don't stop.
20 shot glock wit the cop killaz
Fill 'em to the top.

-Anarchist Flying Squad

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