Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Centralia, WA: Bomb Found Undetinated Near Coal Power Plant

A homemade bomb was discovered Wednesday along the train tracks which bring coal into TransAlta’ power plant outside Centralia, WA.

There is a possibility the explosive fashioned from a five-gallon propane tank fell off of a coal car coming into the coal burning plant. It was found upside down in a ditch along railroad tracks near a trestle, about a mile from the power plant.

The blasting cap on the device had burned, but the tank did not explode.

Earlier this week, the sheriff’s office in Thurston County was called to investigate a suspicious fire on a train trestle along state Route 507 near McKenna and Yelm.

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Anonymous said...

FYI: Arrests were made in this case, the idiot how made the device had made it for 4th of July celebrations and it failed to detonate. After draining the propane from the tank he went to dispose of it in a wooded area. He got spooked by a security guard and so he tossed it and ran. The blasting caps burnt when he tried to blow up the tank. Another man also was charged for providing him with the blasting caps.

Not terrorist or angry former employee from the now closed Centrailia Main, just an idiot, at least he didn't kill anybody when he tried to use it on the 4th of July.