Saturday, September 13, 2008

Barre, VT: A String of Vandalism Aimed At Government Targets

One civilian vehicle and seven government vehicles that were parked outside a military recruiting station in Barre lay battered and bruised Thursday morning after they were struck by vandals.

The incident is the latest in a batch of vandalisms that have occurred in the last three weeks. There has been 28 reports of vandalism in the last 19 days, including broken windows and a damaged coin machine.

Over the course of the summer, walls have been spray painted, windows broken, and other automobiles vandalized. On Sept. 9, windows were shot out by a BB-gun on Glenwood Ave., and recently, a window was broken at Bouchard-Pierce Appliances on North Main Street.

Last month, 10 postal service vehicles that were parked outside the post office in downtown Barre were spray painted, four had windows smashed, and one had a windshield broken.

The post office incident and the incident reported Thursday both involved federally-owned vehicles. In addition, the government vehicles at the recruiting station were dam-aged either on, or just hours before, the seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Someone was making a political statement by damaging government property.

The seven government vehicles had their tires slashed and one had a gouge on the roof as if a rock had been scraped across it or tossed onto it.

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