Friday, August 15, 2008

Tacoma, WA: Anti Gentrification Graffiti

GENTRIFICATION was spray painted on a billboard on 6th ave (a Point Ruston advertisement), this act was not vandalism as some may say nor was it graffiti. It was an act done in solidarity with those being pushed out by the development of condos everywhere, by the social conditions everyone is faced with everywhere. Though this may seem small they had to pay for the propaganda they impose upon everyone and now a beautiful piece of work has covered up their shit.

What is seen brewing in Tacoma is the development of a larger metropolitan. A play ground for those in Seattle - the rich - those whom impose and function as prosthetic limbs easily replaced. Stadium district is pushing out the Hilltop community (with condos and trendy storefronts) and turning it into 'Upper Tacoma'. Renaming a place already stole by those before and now the dispossessed and undesired are left to their own rage biting their tounges. 'The community has been cleaned up they will say the gangs are gone and graffiti is is safer now.' We have all heard this filth before.

We are sick of waiting for the pay stubs, the check from a boss, the one who can fire and leave us unemployed and destroy not only our lives but our family. We are sick of our misery the social conditions we are forced with daily - that of this society and the totality of civilization. We will strike... with volition and force.

Show solidarity - act.
Please repost - spread.

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