Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Statesville, NC: Vandals Wreak Havoc on Middle School

Ruffians destroyed computers, trophies and offices inside Statesville Middle School this weekend.

The suspects knew exactly where to find the computer that records the surveillance video and actually dismantled it before smashing it.

The pigs still aren’t sure if the vandals are former students or robbers looking for a profit. But evidence like a shattered academic trophy leads some to believe the suspects have a vendetta against the school.

The amount of damage caused is an estimated $75,000.

"The student, like society, is continually making progress. The student’s progress, like that of society, is fundamentally a domestication of the human animal. When Derrick Jensen asked himself why schooling takes so long, the answer he came up with was straightforward and truthful: 'It takes that long to sufficiently break a child’s will. It is not easy to disconnect children’s wills, to disconnect them from their own experiences of the world in preparation for the lives of painful employment they will have to endure.”-Toward The Destruction of Schooling

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