Friday, August 1, 2008

Santa Cruz, CA: US Bank Window Shattered

Yesterday night a rock was pitched through a window at the US Bank in Santa Cruz, California. "Everyone should have a hobby." Ours happens to be more detrimental to banks, and healthy for ourselves, than most.
We affirm that unfettered joy can be experienced in the act of destroying bank windows, and that this is one of the best reasons to act in such a manner. We also affirm our solidarity with others engaged in the subversion of the world and the transformation of life into a marvelous game without beginning or end.

Solidarity to those facing charges from May Day in Olympia, who are accused of rioting and smashing windows at the US Bank and Bank of America.

Solidarity to all who have sabotaged, destroyed property, or lived on the barricades in resistance to the military use of ports in the Puget Sound.

Solidarity to resistance in Indiana to the construction of I-69 (the NAFTA Superhighway) and to whoever threw rocks through windows at the Chase Bank in Bloomington.

The rebellious spirit is alive and well within us!

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