Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ashley, NC: Vandals Break Over 80 Windows at School

Eighty-nine double pane windows were broken at the Ashley High School. The vandals used items like rocks, beer bottles and pipes to break the windows.

This is not the first case of vandalism this summer at Ashley High School. But, this time it is going to cost more than $30,000 to clean it up.

"Schooling is a fundamental process of our society. It can be understood as the ensemble of techniques by which a society instructs the young in the knowledge, values, and attitudes necessary for becoming responsible members of society, reproducing the dominant social order. The bells, the classes, the rules, the discipline–all are important aspects of a controlling process aimed at molding the individual into a form more desirable to others–to authorities. Schooling, like work, is based on coercion. Generally speaking, one does not do schoolwork because the experience itself is rewarding. One does not do schoolwork on one’s own terms. Also, there is a carrot or a stick guiding your progress–usually both. Max Stirner had it right when he said that “the school question is a life question.”
-Towards the Destruction of Schooling

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