Sunday, August 3, 2008

Detroit, MI: Arsonists Set Fire In School Classroom

Arsonists realized a morning blaze in a classroom today at Detroit Lions Academy on the city’s east side. The fire burned desks and caused extensive smoke damage to one of the classrooms and minor smoke damage to the rest of the building.

The fire was ignited by a burning object tossed through a window.

“The workshop, the school, the army were subject to a whole micro-penality of time (latenesses, absences, interruptions of tasks), of activity (inattention, negligence, lack of zeal), of behavior (impoliteness, disobedience), of speech (idle chatter, insolence), of the body (‘incorrect’ attitudes, irregular gestures, lack of cleanliness), of sexuality (impurity, indecency). . . each subject find[s] himself caught in a punishable, punishing universality.” -Foucault

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