Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bloomington, IN: Surveillance Camera Dismantled

Last night, the surveillance camera behind the Salivation Army store in Bloomington, Indiana was torn down. This cheap excuse for surveillance technology was recently installed, and pointed at the wealth of couches, clothes, and various household appliances and knick-knacks that folks leave behind the Salivation Army. Next to the camera was a sign proclaiming, "Thieves will be prosecuted."

The back of Salivation Army has become an informal free store, where people leave excess goods, and people who don't have money or just want free clothes or whatever they might need can take as they please. Salivation Army's attempts to profit off of what could be part of a gift economy will not be accepted. Further attempts to surveill us and prosecute us will not be allowed.

Dismantling surveillance cameras is simple---this one was simply torn down by hand, others might need a hammer or metal pole. Like in Greece, and in Santa Cruz, we must strike the panopticon on every front. In the workplace, in the schools, and on the streets. Let the bastards choke on their webs of surveillance, we will never cease our attack on their society.

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