Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blairsville, PA: Vandals Slash Hundreds of Tires

Between 100 and 200 tires were punctured over the weekend in Blairsville, PA. Vandals not only slashed tires but also spray painted entire cars.

"Car fumes are linked to respiratory diseases such as asthma, particularly for children, it also produces lead and benzene; all are poisonous gases. Among the other nitrous oxides the car produces is carbon dioxide, which is the main greenhouse gas. And if they can't gas you or destroy your climate they'll run you over. These deaths are depoliticized by referring to them as mere 'traffic accidents' or 'problems on the roads'; they are not in fact incidental and inevitable - they are a consequence of a particular mode of accumulation and social existence, and therefore contestable. They are part of a vicious circle, however; concerned for their kids' safety on the busy roads, an increasing number of parents now drive their offspring to school - so contributing to the problem they're attempting to avoid."
- Auto Struggles: The Developing War Against the Road Monster


Anonymous said...

Is "Auto Struggles" a statement put out by the vandals, or is it indirectly related to this article?

Anonymous said...

indirectly related, you can read the whole article at

Anonymous said...

glad they didn't slash my tires. how else would i get all the books to and from the infoshop? and bring my kids to school and the dentist etc...?

this is anti-social not revolutionary. i hate cars too and bike when i don't have to use the car to carry stuff, but until the *institutions* that reproduce a society full of car drivers are changed, people will drive cars. people are products of the institutions their live under, not part of the problem those institutions create. to blame regular people is totally missing the point. people just use cars because that's how our society is set up. in other places their institutions are less car-friendly, and less people drive. it's not our fault, quit blaming and celebrating attacks on US, you guilt mongering psuedo-religious ideologues.