Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Allenwood, PA: Vandals Cause 1 Million in Damage

A series of joy rides in stolen construction vehicles Sunday night across 20 acres of Great Stream Commons caused as much as $1 million damage.

Vandals broke into three large vehicles near the site of the proposed Target distribution center at the 670-acre business park in Gregg Township, Union County.

The vehicles are owned by a subcontractor, Pavex, of Camp Hill. The crime was discovered when workers noticed the equipment was missing at 5 a.m. Monday. The vandalism was done just south of the Target site on an undeveloped property owned by the Union County Industrial Development Corp.

Ron Garland, project superintendent with Archer Western Contractors of Atlanta, Ga., said,"We've had this at other jobs sites, but not on this scale....We usually get flat tires, broken windshields and equipment stolen."

A Gregg Township official said Great Stream Commons has been targeted several times in recent years by vandals, including last fall when a vacant home used by police to train was set on fire.


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