Sunday, August 24, 2008

St Paul, MN: Obama's Office Building Attacked

The communique:

"In the early hours of Sunday August 24th, the first day of action against the Democratic National Convention in Denver, a Barack Obama campaign office was attacked in St. Paul.

Two windows and a glass door were smashed out. Paint bombs were thrown at the exterior and interior of the building.

Today our friends in Denver will stand up to the electoral spectacle despite the violent threats of the police. Those who attacked this office stand in solidarity with our friends and loved ones in Denver. We look forward to seeing them in the streets.

at war,
the conspiracy of shards of glass
+ "

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Denver, CO: Death Threat to John McCains Office

A prisoner sent a threatening letter and white powder to a Colorado campaign office for GOP presidential candidate John McCain.

Tests showed the white powder wasn't anthrax or any other lethal substance, but pigs had not determined what it was.

The letter was signed Akeem Ramsey El, but the return address on the envelope had Ramsey's name and "Arapahoe County Detention Facility."

Ramsey, 39, is in the Arapahoe County jail awaiting trial on a charges of menacing, harassment and assaulting a pig.

Ramsey wrote the letter to express his views about the U.S. government.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Emmitsburg, MD: FEMA Phone System Hacked

The Emmitsburg, Maryland Federal Emergency Management Agency phone system was compromised by a hacker who then placed more than 400 phone calls to the Middle East and Asia. The calls cost a total of $12,000 and ranged from three minutes up to 10 minutes in length.

Calls were placed to Afghanistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and a few other nations.

Foulton County, GA: Fire Engulfs Church

An early-morning fire that destroyed a south Fulton County church.

The two-alarm blaze broke out around 3 a.m. Friday at the Emmaus Road Missionary Baptist Church, at the corner of Flat Shoals and Buffington roads.

Two church vans burned in the parking lot of the church earlier this year.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ashley, NC: Vandals Break Over 80 Windows at School

Eighty-nine double pane windows were broken at the Ashley High School. The vandals used items like rocks, beer bottles and pipes to break the windows.

This is not the first case of vandalism this summer at Ashley High School. But, this time it is going to cost more than $30,000 to clean it up.

"Schooling is a fundamental process of our society. It can be understood as the ensemble of techniques by which a society instructs the young in the knowledge, values, and attitudes necessary for becoming responsible members of society, reproducing the dominant social order. The bells, the classes, the rules, the discipline–all are important aspects of a controlling process aimed at molding the individual into a form more desirable to others–to authorities. Schooling, like work, is based on coercion. Generally speaking, one does not do schoolwork because the experience itself is rewarding. One does not do schoolwork on one’s own terms. Also, there is a carrot or a stick guiding your progress–usually both. Max Stirner had it right when he said that “the school question is a life question.”
-Towards the Destruction of Schooling

Springfeild, IL: Windows Police Cars Broken Overnight

The windows of at least six police cars were smashed out overnight in the East Timberlane and Palisades subdivisions in Springfield, as well as one in Rochester.

The vandalism was discovered about 5:30 a.m. Monday, August 19th.

“It’s not a funny situation,” said Lt. Bob Markovic of the Springfield Police Department, “Now those cars are down … Officers can sign out other cars, but there are only so many available.”

The rear windows of some vehicles were targeted, as well as side windows. Each window was estimated to cost between $300 and $450 to replace. One vehicle had its right front and rear windows and back window smashed within an unknown item, totaling $1,000 for just that Springfield police car.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Vancouver, WA: Wal Mart Evacuated After Bomb Threat

Customers and employees were evacuated from the Wal-Mart in Hazel Dell for more than two hours on Thursday after someone called the store saying a bomb was in the building.

A Wal-Mart employee called 911 to report that a man had called and said there was a bomb in the building and then began laughing.

A backpack was found inside the store in the clothing area. The backpack looked like one that was for sale at the store but was in a "strange area". No explosives were found in the empty backpack.

Milwaukee, WI: Anti Hipsters Attack Urban Outfitters

"On Thursday the August 14th, a gang of anti-hipster hooligans trashed an Urban Outfitters in Milwaukee.

Around eleven in the morning, the group infiltrated the store, one-by-one. Then, when the moment was right, they made their presence known.

"Die hipster scum!"

A person juggled eggs (all over the merchandise) while informing the customers that the circus was in town, but they were the freak show. Displays were broken, tables were flipped, merchandise was scattered all over the store, and piles of shameless Obama gear was looted and destroyed.

Let it be known, hipsters, your time has come. No longer will we sit by idly while you appropriate symbols of the working class, queer culture or revolutionary struggle while creating no cool of your own. We'll meet you on the front lines of gentrification and cultural erasure and fight you at each encounter. And Richard Hayne, don't think we've forgotten about the disgusting amounts of money you've donated to Focus on the Family and Rick Santorum, and all their anti-queer crusades.

Today we hit one of your stores. Tomorrow it might be one of your clubs, your cafes or maybe even your condos.

Put down the Polaroids and V-necks; take up the rocks and bottles.


some fans of stores in shambles"

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Tacoma, WA: Anti Gentrification Graffiti

GENTRIFICATION was spray painted on a billboard on 6th ave (a Point Ruston advertisement), this act was not vandalism as some may say nor was it graffiti. It was an act done in solidarity with those being pushed out by the development of condos everywhere, by the social conditions everyone is faced with everywhere. Though this may seem small they had to pay for the propaganda they impose upon everyone and now a beautiful piece of work has covered up their shit.

What is seen brewing in Tacoma is the development of a larger metropolitan. A play ground for those in Seattle - the rich - those whom impose and function as prosthetic limbs easily replaced. Stadium district is pushing out the Hilltop community (with condos and trendy storefronts) and turning it into 'Upper Tacoma'. Renaming a place already stole by those before and now the dispossessed and undesired are left to their own rage biting their tounges. 'The community has been cleaned up they will say the gangs are gone and graffiti is is safer now.' We have all heard this filth before.

We are sick of waiting for the pay stubs, the check from a boss, the one who can fire and leave us unemployed and destroy not only our lives but our family. We are sick of our misery the social conditions we are forced with daily - that of this society and the totality of civilization. We will strike... with volition and force.

Show solidarity - act.
Please repost - spread.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lexington, KY: 2 Molotovs Tossed at Police Cruiser

R.A.A.N. communique concerning an attack on a Lexington, KY police cruiser

The papers said that on the morning of July 31st, 2008, around 3:40AM, someone threw a molotov cocktail at a police cruiser parked on Lincoln Avenue. Dear readers, it was us. Actually there were two molotovs, and it occurred closer to 3:20AM. And to tell you the truth, it was exceptionally easy! Two 211 bottles full of gasoline and motor oil was all it took. And yes, dear readers, it was fun as hell! I'd have to say that hearing that glass smash on the pavement below the driver's door, and then witnessing the glorious burst of flame constitutes one of the most satisfying moments of my life. And less than twenty minutes later, we were safe at home smoking a victory joint before laying our sweet heads down to rest. I urge you all, dear readers, to consider our motives for this action, and (more importantly) to plan your own tactics against the oppression of the police state! You can only change history by putting yourself in it.

We are fierce and we are prepared!

a proudly anonymous R.A.A.N. affiliate

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Bloomington, IN: Surveillance Camera Dismantled

Last night, the surveillance camera behind the Salivation Army store in Bloomington, Indiana was torn down. This cheap excuse for surveillance technology was recently installed, and pointed at the wealth of couches, clothes, and various household appliances and knick-knacks that folks leave behind the Salivation Army. Next to the camera was a sign proclaiming, "Thieves will be prosecuted."

The back of Salivation Army has become an informal free store, where people leave excess goods, and people who don't have money or just want free clothes or whatever they might need can take as they please. Salivation Army's attempts to profit off of what could be part of a gift economy will not be accepted. Further attempts to surveill us and prosecute us will not be allowed.

Dismantling surveillance cameras is simple---this one was simply torn down by hand, others might need a hammer or metal pole. Like in Greece, and in Santa Cruz, we must strike the panopticon on every front. In the workplace, in the schools, and on the streets. Let the bastards choke on their webs of surveillance, we will never cease our attack on their society.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Democratic HQ, AR: Chairman of Democraps Murdered

The chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas has been killed by a brave gunman who barged into the party's state headquarters and opened fire.

The goofy looking fucker above is Bill Gwatney who was shot multiple times in the upper body Wednesday and died of his wounds a few hours later. Looks like this sleazy scumbag ain't making it to the DNC.

In a sad turn of events the shooter was also fatally wounded, after police exchanged gunfire with him following a high-speed chase into another county.

Blairsville, PA: Vandals Slash Hundreds of Tires

Between 100 and 200 tires were punctured over the weekend in Blairsville, PA. Vandals not only slashed tires but also spray painted entire cars.

"Car fumes are linked to respiratory diseases such as asthma, particularly for children, it also produces lead and benzene; all are poisonous gases. Among the other nitrous oxides the car produces is carbon dioxide, which is the main greenhouse gas. And if they can't gas you or destroy your climate they'll run you over. These deaths are depoliticized by referring to them as mere 'traffic accidents' or 'problems on the roads'; they are not in fact incidental and inevitable - they are a consequence of a particular mode of accumulation and social existence, and therefore contestable. They are part of a vicious circle, however; concerned for their kids' safety on the busy roads, an increasing number of parents now drive their offspring to school - so contributing to the problem they're attempting to avoid."
- Auto Struggles: The Developing War Against the Road Monster

Dullen, NJ: Vandals Burn Flag & Attacks Cars

Five automobiles were vandalized and a flag was set on fire this morning in Dullen, New Jersey. Four vehicles were vandalized on the 400 block of Jefferson Avenue and one on the 100 block of Dunellen Avenue between 1 and 3 a.m.

At 403 Jefferson Ave., an American flag was found at 7:20 a.m. to have been burned on its porch flagpole, the burned pieces fallen to the porch. A lamp post had also been vandalized at that address.

Benton County, AR: Arson At Car Dealership

A fire Monday morning at the Benton County Car Dealership destroyed a three-room office building and a Pontiac Grand Am at A and M Auto Sales.

The owner of the dealership also mentioned that cars and keys were missing.

Waterloo, IA: Arson Delays Bridge Reopening

An arson attack damaged the Black Hawk County bridge early Friday.

A seeder loaded with 100 bales of straw was parked on the west end of the bridge as construction contractors worked to finish planting grass on areas around the structure. That seeder was destroyed when the straw was ignited and other equipment owned by the private contractor was damaged.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Allenwood, PA: Vandals Cause 1 Million in Damage

A series of joy rides in stolen construction vehicles Sunday night across 20 acres of Great Stream Commons caused as much as $1 million damage.

Vandals broke into three large vehicles near the site of the proposed Target distribution center at the 670-acre business park in Gregg Township, Union County.

The vehicles are owned by a subcontractor, Pavex, of Camp Hill. The crime was discovered when workers noticed the equipment was missing at 5 a.m. Monday. The vandalism was done just south of the Target site on an undeveloped property owned by the Union County Industrial Development Corp.

Ron Garland, project superintendent with Archer Western Contractors of Atlanta, Ga., said,"We've had this at other jobs sites, but not on this scale....We usually get flat tires, broken windshields and equipment stolen."

A Gregg Township official said Great Stream Commons has been targeted several times in recent years by vandals, including last fall when a vacant home used by police to train was set on fire.

Olympia, WA: Vandals Puncture Tires On 23 Vehicles In Downtown

Vandals punctured the tires on at least 23 vehicles parked downtown, Olympia police reported Monday night.

The tire damage was random with at least two and sometimes four tires on each vehicle punctured. Most of the vehicles were parked within a several block area of from Columbia Street east to Washington Street, then from State Avenue south to 4th Avenue.

The crimes appeared to have taken place sometime between Sunday evening and 5:45 a.m. Monday.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Frederick, MD: Thousands Of Dollars In Copper Stolen From Church

Someone has stolen more than $7,000 of copper from a historic church in Frederick, and it’s the second time the church has been targeted this year.

In total nine copper downspouts lined the exterior of the chapel.

In the past the stain glassed windows have also been broken and in June one of the copper downspouts was torn as if thieves attempted to steal it.

“Is that what we are coming to in this country that people think so little of their churches and their religious institutions that they would deface them like this it's sad. It really is," says Bill Wilson with the Central Maryland Heritage League.

Valley City, ND: Theives Steal $30,000 Worth of Jewels

Thieves have made off with $30,000 worth of jewelry in Valley City.

Someone stole diamonds, gold and other gems from Hanson`s Jewelry and Repair. The owners say about 90-percent of the store`s inventory is missing, and the locks on three doors were broken.

Piggies say bank surveillance across the street didn`t capture any suspicious activity.

Durango, CO: People Make Money for Themselves

Counterfeit money is increasingly showing up in Durango, several fake $20 and $50 bills had been reported since late July.

Many of the bills were not identified as counterfeit until deposited into local banks as part of the businesses' daily deposits.

Fast-food restaurants were the primary victims, though $50 bills were passed at Durango Mall, 800 South Camino del Rio.

Ottawa Lake, MI: Vandals Attack Quarry Company

Stoneco Quarry in Ottawa Lake Michigan was forced to shut down operations after a large act of sabotage. A group of people broke into the quarry overnight, trashing offices and smashing computers.

The damage which is estimated to be $100,000.

Tampa Bay, FL: Arsonists Torch an Aerosonic Factory

Chemicals and other flammable material led to a fast moving fire that gutted a 40,000 square foot commercial building owned by Aerosonic Corporation late Friday. The structure on Hercules Avenue is completely destroyed.

The company's website says it makes flight instruments for "commercial, business and military".

Let's Hope these arsonists are smart about this and get away clean.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vandenberg, CA: Vandals Hit Air Force Base

Someone broke into the pool facility of an Air Force Base over the weekend and smashed fluorescent light bulbs into the water.

Now, the entire pool has to be drained and cleaned to make sure all the glass is gone.

Officials say the clean-up could take weeks, even a month.

Kassell Creek, KY: Vandals Wreak Havoc on Golf Course

This week someone broke into clark county business and went on a golf cart joy ride throughout the course.

The vandals ruined two golf courts, and damaged several putting greens on the course. Creating about eight thousand dollars worth of damage.

Millville, NJ: Man Robs Bank, Makes Off With $7,000

A man took $7,ooo from Millville Savings Bank Wednesday. He handed the teller a white grocery bag and told her to "put the money in the bag". He then demanded that the teller also hand over money from a second drawer.

He told the teller he'd been casing the bank for a week and "for them not to push any buttons".

He wore a mask that appeared to be made from black fabric with eye holes cut out.

Mount Sinai, NY: Vandals Rob and Sabotage Construction of House

A home under construction in Mount Sinai was targeted by thieves and vandals twice within 48 hours.

Unknown persons had entered the property, cut electrical wires and stole several items. Then, at 7 am Aug. 2, further thefts from the property, as well as evidence of further acts of mischief.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Saratoga Springs, NY: Batman Billboard Subversion

An advertisement for a real estate team was attacked with a slogan from the new bat man movie "The Dark Knight". No one was caught.

Brunswick, OH: Hacker Sets Off Emergency Sirens

A hacker armed with radio codes set off emergency sirens in Brunswick early Wednesday. If the blasts didn't wake the city's 35,000 residents, follow-up phone calls to residences probably did the trick.

Police were unable to override the hacker's radio tones and had to turn off each of the six sirens by hand. The noise, which began at 12:44 a.m., went on for about 20 minutes.

The battery-operated devices were turned on twice March 27, prompting more than 1,000 calls to police after 1 a.m. The barrage of calls knocked out the department's phone system.

In response to the March incidents, a notification system called CodeRED was installed in city offices. It was used Wednesday morning to call 13,000 Brunswick telephones to inform residents that the blaring sirens were not signaling an emergency.

It was the second night this year the sirens were illegally activated.

Woodbridge, NJ: Bomb Threat Closes Store

A bomb threat at the Lowe's Home Center on Woodbridge Center Drive last week caused an evacuation of employees and customers at the department store for roughly two hours.

The incident occurred between 8. and 8:27 p.m. on July 31, police said.

The store manager told police that he received three phone calls. In the first call, he could not hear because of static, so he hung up; in the second call, he could only make out the words "20 minutes," and in the last call he could make out a female voice with no accent.

The female voice said, "This is your last and final call. You have 10 minutes before the bomb goes off in paint. This is no prank … ," before ending the phone call.

After the last phone call, the store manager called police.

The manager told police that the caller used language that only an employee or ex-employee would use.

Lancaster, SC: Prosecutors Office Razed

A fire, started by an arsonist(s) shortly after 4 am, gutted the office of a prosecutor in Lancaster only three days after an arsonist torched the county court house.

Police Capt. Harlean Howard said "Until he is apprehended, he continues to pose a threat.... to other potential buildings and property"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spanaway, WA: Military Recruitment Center Attacked

Last night several windows were broken at the US air force recruitment center in Spanaway, Washington.

Military recruitment centers are just one manifestation
of the death machine that delivers ceaseless abuse to our communities. All infrastructure must be destroyed!
Every window broken, every town hall razed, every tire gouged, is a hammer to an already crumbling facade; a paving stone lifted from the path of death.

This was done in solidarity with those confronting the monstrosities in the port of Tacoma, even in the face of its sadistic protectors.

Shatter The Spectacle

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Nassau County, NY: Man Commits Over a Dozen Bank Robberies

A man has expropriated capital from over a dozen banks in the Nassau County area of New York State.

He typically hands tellers a note demanding they hand over cash "quickly and quietly."

"The state and capital in order to continue existing manufacture modern-day helots who can easily be compared to the Spartan ones. A system which at the alter of profit sacrifices human lives inconsiderably and with audacity. As I've already mentioned one of the main partners in this crime are banks which are nothing less than legitimate loan-sharks and are partly to blame for the plundering that's taking place at the expense of peoples' work.

Taking all the above into consideration we can understand Maki in Brecht's ... When he asks 'what is a bank robbery compared to the establishment of a bank?' But also taking me into consideration who wanting to resist on a personal level- as on a mass level all that know me personally know that I have participated as much as I could- to my future yoke, to determine myself the conditions and quality of my life, to put in to practice my refusal to 'work' and also to play the role of yet another productive unit, of yet another wheel in the wagon, wanting to attack the monstrosity that is called a bank (however at the same time having no illusions that I'll inflict any major blows to this economic institution), choosing to mark a course of dignity in my life I decided to rob a bank. An act which I consider, amongst many others, as revolutionary and which claims deservingly its own place as such.

In all honesty I must admit that the money I was going to acquire through the robbery was going to have me as the end-recipient. At the same time, however, as an anarchist and as a person who wishes to show their solidarity through deeds I'd be one of the first to actively and with joy help in contributing to monetary needs, which might come up in this scene which I belong. Finally, what I'd like to point out here is that all which I have mentioned up to now does not in any way mean that I support a notion that whoever is an anarchist should be a bank robber or that whoever works is enslaved." - Giannis Dimitrakis,0,5743051.story

Statesville, NC: Vandals Wreak Havoc on Middle School

Ruffians destroyed computers, trophies and offices inside Statesville Middle School this weekend.

The suspects knew exactly where to find the computer that records the surveillance video and actually dismantled it before smashing it.

The pigs still aren’t sure if the vandals are former students or robbers looking for a profit. But evidence like a shattered academic trophy leads some to believe the suspects have a vendetta against the school.

The amount of damage caused is an estimated $75,000.

"The student, like society, is continually making progress. The student’s progress, like that of society, is fundamentally a domestication of the human animal. When Derrick Jensen asked himself why schooling takes so long, the answer he came up with was straightforward and truthful: 'It takes that long to sufficiently break a child’s will. It is not easy to disconnect children’s wills, to disconnect them from their own experiences of the world in preparation for the lives of painful employment they will have to endure.”-Toward The Destruction of Schooling

Grand Island, NE: Vandals Flood a School

Someone broke into Engleman Elementary in Grand Island, Nebraska on Sunday and turned on a 2-inch water line that had been closed. Water ran through the older portion of the building, including the cafeteria and gym, as well as some kindergarten brainwashing centers.

The cost to replace this damage is expected to be over $100,000.

Most people don’t like being told what to do. Any institution that aims to structure and regiment a person’s life is, to a certain extent, in conflict with that person. The interesting thing is that that person is not always in willful conflict with the institution. Those who are obedient and fulfill their role as students understandably try to ignore the negative effects their schooling is having on them. But who would honestly deny that these effects are quite visible?"-Toward the Destruction of Schooling

Monday, August 4, 2008

Silverton, OR: Tires Of City Vehicles Slashed

Vandals slashed the tires of eight Municipal vehicles in a City parking lot. Twenty tires were all together flattened, this included four police cars, two public works vans, two building inspector vehicles and a privately owned car.

The damaged was estimated at over $5,000.

Lancaster, SC: County Court House Razed to the Ground

Brave Arsonists broke in through a window, set a fire on the second floor of the Lancaster County Court House and then escaped through a back door around 5:30 am. Probably laughing the whole way home.

Lancaster Police Chief Hugh White (no I didn't make his name up) was quoted saying "I'm really upset about it. I hate it. I really do".

Clearbrook, MN: Two Town Halls and B&M Supply Company Torched

Arsonists in Clearwater County were busy this weekend, starting three large infernos. They razed the Eddy Town Hall to the ground, and caused extensive damage to B&M Supply and the Leon Town Hall.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reno, NV: Fires All Over the City

July 19: Three fires set near Ralston Street and Interstate 80 area, 400 block of Ninth Street and at the cemetery fence along 10th street, 5 p.m.; two fires reported in a ditch between 2300 Harvard Way and Costco, 10 p.m.
July 24: One fire reported in a ditch between 2300 Harvard Way and Costco, 4:50 a.m.
Saturday: Fires set across the street from Lawlor Events Center, 5 p.m.; Rancho San Rafael Regional Park, 8 p.m.; and Rancho San Rafael Park, 10 p.m.
Sunday: One fire reported at Rancho San Rafael, 11 a.m.
Monday: Fires reported at 440 Court St., 3:45 p.m.; and 400 Island Drive at Bennett Park, 4:05 p.m.
Tuesday: Belvedere Towers, 450 Arlington Ave. erupts into flames, 4:50 p.m.
Wednesday: Two fires set on both sides of U.S. 395 near Terminal and Harvard waya, 9 p.m.
Thursday: Three at Wal-Mart on Damonte Ranch Parkway, 2:30 a.m

Detroit, MI: Arsonists Set Fire In School Classroom

Arsonists realized a morning blaze in a classroom today at Detroit Lions Academy on the city’s east side. The fire burned desks and caused extensive smoke damage to one of the classrooms and minor smoke damage to the rest of the building.

The fire was ignited by a burning object tossed through a window.

“The workshop, the school, the army were subject to a whole micro-penality of time (latenesses, absences, interruptions of tasks), of activity (inattention, negligence, lack of zeal), of behavior (impoliteness, disobedience), of speech (idle chatter, insolence), of the body (‘incorrect’ attitudes, irregular gestures, lack of cleanliness), of sexuality (impurity, indecency). . . each subject find[s] himself caught in a punishable, punishing universality.” -Foucault

Boise, ID: Man Robs Two Banks In Two Hours

A man expropriated capital at the Washington Federal Bank near the intersection of Broadway and Boise avenues at about 2:40 p.m. Roughly two hours later, a man matching the first suspect’s description robbed the Wells Fargo at Eagle and McMillan roads.

In both cases, the man walked up to the teller with a note demanding cash and left with an undisclosed amount and probably laughing with an amazing adrenaline rush. Let's hope he'll never get caught.

Stockton, CA: Arson At School

A portable classroom at McKinley School was completely destroyed and another damaged in an arson attack Saturday evening. The fire started about 5 p.m. between two eighth-grade portable classrooms and the estimated damage done to this institution of mass domestication and indoctrination is valued at around $200,000.

"Students are taught, through the process of schooling, to be conformist, unimaginative, docile, and a great many other things that are by and large considered virtues in the working world." -taken from Toward the Destruction of Schooling.

Santa Cruz, CA: Vivisectors Firebombed

Two University of California-Santa Cruz animal torturers were targets of firebombs early Saturday, showing another sign of the escalating direct action and violence against university researchers who use animals in vivisection labs.

A car belonging to one of the scumbag vivisectors parked at a home on campus was firebombed, destroying the vehicle. The home of another vivisector was also burned.

The arsons occurred four days after a customer at Caffe Pergolesi, a downtown Santa Cruz coffeehouse, found fliers listing the names, home addresses, home phone numbers and photos of 13 UC-Santa Cruz science researchers and professors.

Good luck with future attacks!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Berkeley, CA: Billboard Subversion

Late at night, on July 31st, vandals in Berkeley, California probably had a pretty fun time changing the message on this ecocidal billboard from "Never Buy Gas Again; Win Gas For Life" to "Please Never Buy Gas Again; Gas Kills Life".

This is the second time in the past week that the Billboard Liberation Front have struck in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let's hope they keep at it.

link to article:

Video of 1st action mentioned above:

Merrimack, N.H: Stupid Pig Shoots Himself in the Foot

The unidentified idiot accidentally fired his holstered weapon and hit his foot. Police said he wasn’t trying to draw the .25-caliber gun in a “police action,” and he wasn’t dealing with a prisoner or engaged in any other enforcement activity.

The bullet lodged in the floor of the courthouse, and no one else was injured.

Palm Beach, FL: Arson At the Mall

A gorgeous blaze broke out at the clothing store Forever XXI in the Mall at Wellington Green, Palm Beach, Florida. So far the state security forces have no leads. Let's hope the person(s) responsible get away with this beautiful attack.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Phoenix, AZ: The 'Red Head Bandit' Strikes Again

The "Read Head Bandit" has expropriated large sums of money from three banks in the Phoenix area over the last month. He went into the banks dressed in a black business suit. He sits in the lobby and then approaches the teller with a demand note for money. The suspect robs the bank, then leaves running from the bank.

There have been no injuries, and no weapon or vehicle has been seen. Anyone with information on the Red Head Bandit is asked to keep it to themselves and never tell a soul.

Santa Cruz, CA: US Bank Window Shattered

Yesterday night a rock was pitched through a window at the US Bank in Santa Cruz, California. "Everyone should have a hobby." Ours happens to be more detrimental to banks, and healthy for ourselves, than most.
We affirm that unfettered joy can be experienced in the act of destroying bank windows, and that this is one of the best reasons to act in such a manner. We also affirm our solidarity with others engaged in the subversion of the world and the transformation of life into a marvelous game without beginning or end.

Solidarity to those facing charges from May Day in Olympia, who are accused of rioting and smashing windows at the US Bank and Bank of America.

Solidarity to all who have sabotaged, destroyed property, or lived on the barricades in resistance to the military use of ports in the Puget Sound.

Solidarity to resistance in Indiana to the construction of I-69 (the NAFTA Superhighway) and to whoever threw rocks through windows at the Chase Bank in Bloomington.

The rebellious spirit is alive and well within us!

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Tacoma, WA: Army Recruiting Station Attacked

Last night, the 31st of July, the windows of a recruitment station at the Tacoma Mall were smashed. This was done in solidarity with the Northwest's current resistance to port militarization.

For the forces of order who attempt to strike fear into the hearts of our comrades down at the port--we have a message for you:

Get out of Cascadia, or face imminent retaliation.

We will strike again.

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Washington: Hackers Attack GOP Website

Hackers have been striking the web page of the Washington Republican Party for the past three months. These online warriors have caused a worthy ruckus in the eyes of the Washington Republican Party, attacking the website in the midst of campaign season.

So far these hackers have struck these right wing scum-bags four times, and it seems as if they will keep at it despite the extra defense.